[08.03.2010] My Top Songs of The Last 7 Days

What did I listen to last week?

I’ll tell you, Israeli powerhouse, Harel Skaat, is thus far arguably one of the most dynamic singers I’ve encountered.  I have an urge to unceasingly babble about this dude (you MUST listen to his voice!), but I’m just going to hold it in for now.  I really can’t believe I hadn’t heard of him til this weekend.  I discovered him just two days ago on youtube!  Okay, so Eurovision is (kind of) my guilty pleasure, so I went ahead and looked around for this year’s representatives of each respective country and Harel Skaat (2010 rep for Israel) just so happened to be the first singer I listened to, and when I did, I had a big ‘OMFG’ moment.  I was in total awe by his voice and his unbelievable range.  By range, guys, I mean raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange.  And on top of that, he is ridiculously handsome. What a lucky bastard. xD

Anyway, I’ll post one of the 4 possible songs he’ll use this year for Eurovision below so you hear what I’m talking about.

  1. Away // Harel Skaat
  2. Magic // One Way
  3. 주변인 // Outsider
  4. Troublemaker // ARASHI
  5. Last Kiss // Supernova
  6. U-Drag // One Way
  7. Gypsy // Shakira
  8. 나 항상 그대를 // 이선희
  9. Love Yourself // KAT-TUN
  10. Bad Woman // FT Island

What is your opinion?

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