[Review-rePost] One Way with ‘Magic’

This was part of a “2 in1” review with B2ST’s ‘Shock‘.  To make it easier for me to link to either review individually, I decided to split them into separate posts. Voilà~!  If you’ve already read my 2 in 1 review (link), then all of this is old news to you.  Still comment, though!  I like reading what people have to say (sometimes) ;D



I’m just going to put it out there, “Magic” by One Way is somewhat reminiscent of Ne-Yo’s “Closer” … (those were my very first honest to God thoughts, but the more I listen to it, the less ‘Closer’ it gets)

If we’re talking about songs that were influenced by US music, not only is this a great example, but an example of how good it can sound when it’s done appropriately.

One Way is made up of Chance, Young Sky, and Peter Hyun.  They have a genuine hold on the kind of sound they identify with and they show it really well through this song.  (for some background information on these guys, you’re welcome to watch their ‘public service announcement’ in the video below)

Down to earth much? :D

Alright, I really, really (reallyreallyreally) like the verses in this song.  They’re playfully subtle, but I think I may have a ‘thing’ for the chorus.  It adds the extra whimsy that the verses build up beforehand and I enjoy the fact that this whole song transitions swimmingly from beginning to end, well crafted without the obvious nonsense that sometimes turns almost-good songs to really bad ones.

In a sense, “Magic” floats.  As in, ‘off-the-ground’ floats.  One Way did a nice job of giving a sense of direction in the song.  What I mean by that is that ‘Magic’ feels like it’s going somewhere as the song progresses, and not just meaninglessly standing there.  As the members mentioned in their PSA, they’re very influenced by R&B (hence the Ne-yo undertones) thus the smoothness of ‘Magic’.  The airy piano chiming in and out of the song lifts the song to balance out with the pulsing beat that is (figuratively) pushing the melodies out and allowing the sound to really disperse as the song unfolds.  And! not all songs do that.  A lot of  what I’ve heard lately has no sense of direction what. so. ever.  There should be at least a little hint of intention in a song for it to make a difference, otherwise everything ends up sounding monotonous and mundane.  Which isn’t what music is about…at all.

From the words of the guys themselves,

Oneway. Onesound. Onelove~

Does Magic’s charm and maturity enthuse you?


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