Holy Smokes >.< 2NE1’s Try to Follow Me MV is OFFICIALLY out!

I just had a heart attack~!  The MV to 2NE1‘s “Try to Follow Me” was recently released and it is basically Fire version 2.0 ~

Watch the official music video right here:


This music video is literally all over the place.  You look away for one second (although I can’t imagine why you would) and there is something totally different going on. It’s random, but very fun to watch.

2NE1’s styling is superb.  Some of you may nag about the lack of a change in their concept (as far as their apparel goes), but the distinction between this group and almost every other idol group in Korean pop culture is that they comfortably identify with a particular sense of style and don’t need to senselessly toy around with any other ideas.  Urban-fashion is their niche and they definitely wear it well.



6 thoughts on “Holy Smokes >.< 2NE1’s Try to Follow Me MV is OFFICIALLY out!

  1. Wow, that is WILD! Thanks for the post! I am a relatively new fan of Kpop (I’m more of a Jpop girl) and I find your blog to be really informative! I’ll add you to my blogroll. :)

    • No problem, and Thanks for the blogrollage~! :D I just checked out your blog and omg I am so out of the Japanese loop lol
      I used to listen to a few Japanese groups here and there, and watch animes and doramas about a couple years ago.
      I’m now just tapping back into it, and from reading some of your blog posts (which are pretty cool(cooler than my mom, probably)), I think I’m just gonna have to start from scratch xD

      Thanks for commenting~I’ll add you to my blogroll as well ;D

  2. I’m so in love with that video, not even funny. I’m dying for their comeback, I love how they’re not going all dark like EVERY OTHER girl group in K-Pop right now, it was cool when it was first announced but then T-ara and then SNSD came back dark, even boy groups! Sigh.

    • Absolutely. 2NE1 are innovative performers and no other Korean girl group measures up to them, unfortunately.

      And I liked the dark concept way back when SHINee was wearing it during their ‘ring ding dong’ promotions. After that, I was way over it. :D

      thanks for commenting~!

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