[15.03.2010] My Top Songs of The Last 7 Days


This comes at you a couple days late.  I’ve actually been feeling a little under the weather, so I’ve hardly been on.  I just kinda caught up on most of today’s k-pop news and it looks like I haven’t really missed much, so that’s good.

2NE1 makes a triumphant return onto this list, along with Epik High.  By the way, who has yet to see Lady Gaga’s new MV?  It’s pretty insane, isn’t it!?  I like it, though. (I’ll post it below, just because)

What songs have YOU been listening to? Here are mine:

  1. Try to Follow Me // 2NE1
  2. Run // Epik High
  3. 잡음 (Distorted) // Epik High
  4. Magic // One Way
  5. 주변인 // Outsider
  6. Love Yourself // KAT-TUN
  7. 揺らせ、今を ( <<< NOT sure what that says!) // ARASHI
  8. Troublemaker // ARASHI
  9. Fool // Epik High
  10. Away // Harel Skaat

What is your opinion?

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