애프터스쿨 // Bang!


Blegh!  After spending several days in a sickly state, I took the weekend off to just kick back and chill out, and now I’m back and fully healed, guns blazing!  This morning, I found out that one of my guilty pleasures is releasing a new single soon and I was treated to this tasty teaser by, the now 8 member girl group, After School.

I’ve lost track of all their new members ever since they added two more ladies after that one chick dropped out.  Who knows why they decided to admit yet another girl into their little club (her name is Lizzy), but whatever floats their boat!

Regardless, I’m pumped!  After School are really bringing it with this teaser.  You don’t know how glad I was to see that they veered in a different direction with their look.  I don’t think I’m the only one over the whole superficial-black concept copy-catty thing everyone else is doing, no?

It’s the sound, though, that works for me.  It’s a wide step from their ‘Diva’ days.  Although I kinda liked Diva, ‘Bang‘ not only sounds like it’s going to be a massive hit, but it’s completely fueled with their own After School-style.  It isn’t random or a 180 genre flop.  It simply sounds like After School and it’s bound to be a nice follow up to their last single, Because of You, which was off-the walls, incredible.  I hope it comes through!


6 thoughts on “애프터스쿨 // Bang!

  1. congrats on getting better! I am also very excited for this. I really like Because of You, and recently I checked out AS’s previous singles – they definitely have the authenticity thing you were talking about before. and apparently they’re actually playing the drums!!! so pumped – the song sounds so dancetastic :)

    • Yeah, the whole drum-line concept is killer. After School will deliver, no doubt. They’re one of my favs. :D Have you heard Z:EA’s new teaser? I’m thinking of posting about it because I let out a big “WHOA” when I heard it. It’s light-years ahead of Mazeltov in quality. I was impressed.

      • i just checked it out – wow. i had written them off after Mazeltov and the other songs on that album, but this sounds promising. it reminds me of “Haru Haru” by Big Bang – an uptempo song but not slacking on the emotion. will definitely be looking out for this. it’s coming out the same day as Bang! so it’s going to be a good weekend :)

        p.s. about After School constantly changing members, I looked it up and hypothesized. Sooyoung who was there for Ah and Diva left cos of health issues and school. UEE doesn’t add much to the group except she’s the youngest so i guess appeals to mainstream k-pop more, unlike the other girls who are older. I think they added Raina to diversify the vocals – her voice is really different. Nana has yet to impress me – she doesn’t do much. Lizzy is apparently there to fill out the group because UEE is leaving to film a drama sometime soon. either that, or secretly they’re trying to compete with SNSD and have just as many members :D lol

        k-pop is crazy with the huge pop groups but i think it’s just so that everyone finds at least ONE person in a group to be a fan of. marketing strategy. kinda works, too.

    • ahhh BigBang, where art thou?

      I actually listen to AS more than I watch them, so when I see them in pictures, I can hardly tell them apart. I know who the leader is (favorite member), and UEE, who I like better as an actress.

      I know! In the US, nowadays, everyone is either a solo performer, or a duo, max. So it’s weird (but kinda cool) seeing so many members. I’d be a little concerned, though, if I was in their position, because the money has to be split up amongst everyone, which means the group has to be really good and make tons of dough just to make a living.

  2. I prefer their red outfit to the blue.

    The Bang preview is exciting and different to what all the other girl groups are coming out with. I defo like AS cuz they know how to really bring it, unlike their much younger and more ‘innocent’ counterparts. I don’t think I’ve heard of any kpop song with a drumline premise before.

    Looking forward to it!

    • Me too, I like the red more than the blue, but I like both those colors over the pink outfits in the video xD
      Just 2 more days! :D

      Thanks for commenting!

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