[22.03.2010] My Top Songs of the Last 7 Days

Has anyone heard ‘사랑이 올까요’ by Baek Ji Young & Mighty Mouth?  Is it just me, or does the chorus sound exactly like FT Triple’s ‘Love Letter‘? Actually, I don’t think there’s even an argument because both sound the same.  Just sayin’.


Anyway, Not a lot changed from last week’s list.  I had a little Big Bang phase, though.  So they’re what I listened to recently, along with 2AM and, of course, 2NE1.  OH! HAHA ~ I have an embarrassing confession to make.  Before I divulge my shame, let me set things up – I drive out every morning, and most of the time I listen to the radio (there’s this local morning show that I enjoy and, yeah, it’s the only reason to have the radio on).  They occasionally play music between their segments (duh) and they recently played Justin – Don’t judge me! – Bieber’s popular song ‘Baby‘ and although he creeps me out cuz he’s so young and sounds like a little baby, that song is dangerously catchy.

FACT:  I don’t like Justin Beaver. At. All.

FACT:  ‘Baby ft. Ludacris‘ is catchy.

What songs have YOU been listening to? Here are mine:

  1. Run // Epik High
  2. Troublemaker // ARASHI
  3. Magic // One Way
  4. Try to Follow Me // 2NE1
  5. I Did Wrong // 2AM
  6. Haru Haru // Big Bang
  7. My Heaven // Big Bang
  8. Baby // Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris
  9. Love Yourself // KAT-TUN
  10. Fool // Epik High

What is your opinion?

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