[Review] ‘Toki wo Tomete’ ~ described in one word: Tranquil

y'like the dramatic moment I captured from the Toki wo Tomete MV?

…almost looks like Changmin is saying something along the lines of: “Just crucify me already!

I swear, he looks so frail I could probably bend him down the middle and snap him in half!  As you would a twig.


I wanted to grace my blog with this soothing song.  But first, I have to admit that I wasn’t its biggest fan the first time I heard it.  I usually adore everything Tohoshinki, but this song made me feel really drowsy (and it still kinda does), which I’m not too fond of. When I enjoy a ballad, it hardly makes me pass out, and besides, it’s Spring and I really want TVXQ to bust out another ‘Rising Sun‘-ish type of song.  Something under the ‘epic’ category.

You know the feeling you get right when you realize that you’re too sleepy to even move and your eyes start submitting to gravity’s power?  Yeah, this song will definitely knock you out if you play it during those vulnerable moments.  Beware!

But because they ARE TVXQ, I gave ‘Toki wo Tomete‘ a second chance, and then a third, and probably a forth, until I gave in and started liking it…a little.

This song finds its soul in the ambient melodies and pacing beats.  Jaejoong holds down the fort for the majority of this song, with Changmin a shrill cry behind him.

‘Toki wo Tomete’ has a simple arrangement with interesting clock effects that linger along the song as it unfolds.  TVXQ bring to this song their distinctive warm tone and resilient musicality ladies swoon for.

The way in which they layer their vocal harmonies simultaneously impresses and pesters me.  These guys have mastered the art of harmonizing in a way that I don’t hear very often.  They stack their voices and it flows with a lot of weight and depth.  But when they begin thrusting their heavy voices all at once much louder than you had anticipated, it fractures the softness that this particular type of song calls for.  For a track as tranquil as this one, I didn’t expect the chorus to claw at my eardrums as it did.

However, the verses are beautifully executed.  They have a relaxing element that I really enjoy and it balances well with the simple instrumentation.  I never ask for anything more than playful, sensual melodies and softened vocals in a ballad such as this one, and most of this song lives up to those standards.

Other than the high-pitched, clash of the titans- kind of battle going on between Jaejoong and Changmin during the choruses, this song is pleasant, enchanting, and hearty.  I give it a well deserved 3 and a half Sandara Heads out of 5.


8 thoughts on “[Review] ‘Toki wo Tomete’ ~ described in one word: Tranquil

    • Yeah, it’s not their best song. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. I’ll probably forget about it in about a week. I can’t quite place my finger on it, but their last couple of songs are missing a little extra something…

  1. I too tried hard to like it. I’m not a big follower of TVXQ, but no one can deny they are extremely talented. There are some songs of theirs which I really like, such as “Beautiful You”, “Mirotic”, “Wrong Number”, “Stand by U”, mostly their more recent material. But Toki Wo Tomete for me is just too slow. Perhaps I would feel different if I actually understood Japanese!

    BTW, I’m not sure who referred you to asiawhat.com but I’m glad that I found you… your posts and blog are a breathe of fresh air; thoughtful and well written. I’ll be checking out your old posts when I get a chance =P

    • Lol I don’t know a lick of Japanese either, or much of Korean for that matter, but yeah, this song isn’t their best material. They have some other amazing ballads, have you heard “Bolero”? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGltRkOXsbM epic-ness much! I’d take “Bolero” over “Toki wo Tomete” (<<<keep wanting to type tomato) ANY day xD

      And Thank you! That was a really nice comment :) Actually, I don't personally know 'kokokoreano', but I follow her on twitter cuz she's got a great fashion blog going on, and one day there happened to be a tweet about asiawhat and I headed on over to your website. :D Although asiawhat is brand new, it's a really nice site.

      thanks again, and come back! ~ I'll add you to my blogroll ;D

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