Welcome to the upgraded (or downgraded) version of this blog. Love it, hate it, this thing is here to s t a y. . . (for now)

I wont explain anything, all one needs to know is that this design is indicative of my mental i d i o s y n c r a s i e s.

Enjoy this video.  I thought it fit in nicely with the blue backdrop.



    • Thanks! Glad you like it :D There’s still some tweaking left to do, but, yeah, I’m not sure what came over me –
      I’m trying to see where else I can add some more flashy effects like in the navigation hover xD

      – Would leaving the comment box background as it is and not changing to white when you click on it, look good? I was debating whether or not to do that, since the text is black. (I can’t figure out how to change the text to white xP)

  1. I would suggest adjusting the font colors. Bright on bright can be very aggravating to the eyes. Other than that I like the concept.

    • Thanks for the suggestion ~ I’ll see if I can switch the colors up a bit. I went really bright with everything but the fonts, so when it actually came time to choose what font colors to use, I wasn’t completely sure which to decide on.


      • May adding a small light shade of color behind the text to make it stand out a bit? Slightly see through so you can still get that nice background, but enough to let it stand out a bit?

    • Nice idea :D I’m teaching myself CSS crap as I edit this thing, so I’ll keep messing with it.

      I’ve added some shadows – I just need to find the appropriate ones :P

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