[Review] M-I-A ”s B o r n F r e e

I dunno about you, but who DOESN’T enjoy M.I.A’s shit? dang, I feel weird calling her music shit – it’s THE shit, but it isn’t shit-shit, you know.  Anyway, for some supernatural reason I find it kinda odd to try to review MIA’s music because she gives off an I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude, except she actually does give a fuck cuz the lyrics in her songs talk about the kinds of things people should be giving a fuck about.  If she could care less about these kinds of things, why even bother giving a fuck?  If you think about it, it actually requires that you give a little bit of a fuck to not give a fuck.  You follow me?  Cuz right now I don’t give a fuck that I’m deliberately over using the word fuck and that I’m going to sorta take a stab at briefly reviewing MIA’s latest song, “Born Free”.  Let’s fucking go.

Click here to listen to “Born Free”

It’s pretty obvious Home-girl has taken her music and ran in a different direction with it.  Musically.

It’s completely less hip-hop.  Less Rap-ish.  Less Electro-fied.  But it’s unmistakably M.I.A’s sound.  The word Punk keeps wanting to crawl into my vocabulary as I try to describe what I’m listening to.  The rhythmic drums and Bass in this song actually hold traces of Punk, while her melodies and phrasing remind me of a jumpy Bollywood scene.  I’ve definitely heard this particular sound before, but my memories escape me.

Click here to watch the MV for “Born Free” (just as a heads up, this MV is NSFW)

Like most of M.I.A’s songs, “Born Free” is a protest. It’s political and brutally honest in the catchiest fashion.  But with political outcries, come political disagreements to follow. Youtube has apparently been slapped across the face by MIA’s new MV that they have reacted by allowing it to be flagged as inappropriate.  Of course, nudity IS inappropriate and so is shooting a child in the head and inhaling drugs and violence against race. So it’s no surprise that it’s being taken down left and right on it’s very first day of release.  However, it’s kinda puzzling to me that aside from the obvious graphic ouchies you see in her latest endeavor, the U.S. flag happens to be the one detail that is pissing people off.  (click here to read a lot more on that subject) Regardless of that fact, there is tons of truth in the music video, whether the US government (or any loony) accepts it or not. When it comes down to it, anyone of us could be those gingers running for our lives at the mercy of tyrannical authorities (Martial Law anyone?).  It’s a fucking fact that there are humans right this minute being treated in inhumane ways.  It’s a genuine thing to give a fuck about (if you’re gonna give a fuck about anything).

Anyway.  The song.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to be radically (but not that radically) different from her previous material.  I mean, both of her previous albums pretty much spoke to me the same way.  But this particular song is speaking from the same voice box, but in a much different manner.

I like it.  It’s catchy in it’s own peculiar way.  Unlike more predictable artists, I have no clue what to expect from her forthcoming album.  It drops in June.  As of today, it remains UNTITLED.


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