Jiggy Whaaaaaaaaaa?

I don’t understand 96% of Korean when I listen to it, but I’m proud of myself to say that I can kinda (KIND UHH) read it, if I’m allowed to read at snail speed.  That’s because I spent quite some time studying Hangul on my own this winter.

Alas, I can’t say the same about Chinese. I know Chinese when I hear it, but hell if I know what I’m listening to.

With that said, F.Cuz really let me have it in this latest Chinese version of their debut single, Jiggy.  I posted an entire review on how weak I thought this song was and that this group is just Bleghhh with a capital B.  Well, damn me to hell, cuz they just reinvented how Bleghhh should really be spelled – BWAGHAGHHH.

Yeah, I’m bullshitting through this post, but man, they just made this song sound way weird.

The blame doesn’t fall on them though, not entirely.  Whomever processed and edited this version did a helluva shitty job.  It’s kind of hard to capture awkwardness on audio, but this is Awkward in all the wrong places.  It sounds like they took the original track and just slapped a first run-through of the boys singing it in Chinese right on top of it.  With their eyes closed and ears covered.  Yeah, it’s just bad.

Don’t get me wrong at all.  Through a post by Mellowyel, I found ‘Go‘ by the same group, and THAT song is actually really nice.

This is just sad.  I wish them the best as they cross over into the Chinese market.  They would’ve been better off just releasing a brand new song made especially for the Chinese masses.  Oh well.


What is your opinion?

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