The Drive-Thru

It’s Friday April 30th.  A lot of music spewed from the cauldrons of K-pop and it would take me several hours and a handful of posts to mop it all up on here.  To ease the load, I thought it would be a sweet idea to gather everything that put a big fat smile on my face this week and place it on one post, quick and simple, so you guys can chow it down in one go.  Here are a few morsels.

– E.Via // Must Have mini-album –

E.Via: Oppa, can I do it?

McRoth: uhhh, E.via, I don’t think this is the time and pla-

E.Via: OPPA!

McRoth: *gulp*

– cue ‘오빠 나 해도돼?‘ –

Okay, as infamous as E.Via‘s music is, all I have to say is that it’s possibly some of the catchiest that I’ve heard all week.  Her recent mini-album Must Have is packed with slick beats, bouncy melodies and E.Via’s signature lewdness, er, I mean speedy rapping skills.  I’ll admit that the title track isn’t my favorite from the album, but it’s still pretty good.  소녀의 순정 (Feat. Mad Clown) and 홍대앞에 오면(Call Me Up!) are boss.  Check her quirky MV below.  Yeah, it’s already been banned.  She just wants to have fun!  No harm in that…

– Blades of Blood OST –

There’s a historical movie releasing (or has been released) this week titled Blades of Blood.  I’m kind of interested in it, but sadly, I will probably have to wait a very long time to actually watch the thing.  (official website) A song from the OST caught my attention.  It’s soft and it has a pretty classic sound that I like hearing in a slow tempo song.

– FT Island’s Japanese single “FlowerRock” –

FT Island have been there from my addictive K-pop beginnings, so I’ll be damned if I am not the first to find out about their latest activities.

All I can say is Thank you.  Flower Rock sounds very Japanese and very FT Island.  It’s a nice uptempo rock song.  I will admit though, that I am desperately awaiting a wonderful rock-ballad like the ones in their earlier work.  I personally think that’s what they’re perfect at doing.  But this song makes me happy, regardless.  It’s something you’d listen to in the summer for sure.

– TransFixion –

From the realms of Korean pop, to a group that is less bubbly and a little more awesome.  I discovered Transfixion this week.  I stumbled upon this group while looking around on YouTube, and may I just let them speak for themselves for a minute?  I believe this is them singing a cover (?) of a Korean soccer anthem.  Bask.

There is way more where this came from, which makes me absolutely happy. I will definitely keep looking into this band.  They’re fantastic.

– Bobby Kim’s “Heart & Soul” Full-length album –

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Bobby Kim‘s newest full-length album dropped this week.   Heart & Soul is full of guitar and his soulful singing.  When I heard the tittle track (남자답게) I felt just a tad let down, but that quickly faded when I spent time to listen to the album in its entirety.

Let me tell you, it’s worth it.

I love ballads – as some of you may know – and oh dear mother of Jesus, does he know how to work my emotional strings.  I can’t help but love what he’s done here.  Track No. 5 (One Way) is beautiful.  It’s easy to understand how he’s able to blend various sounds and produce such a cohesive album – he’s a musical genius.

And mellowyel, there’s a little somethin’-somethin’ waiting for you if you click on the following Link.  (hint: It’s a track featuring a lovely lady that you’re overly fond of)

Here’s the title song, enjoy:


5 thoughts on “The Drive-Thru

  1. a shout out?! i’m honored :) I like it! Gil Hak-mi has an awesome voice, and the rap’s not bad either (not that i know what good rap sounds like in Korean…) Bobby Kim’s not bad – does he always play this Spanish guitar-type music?

    • Korean rap sounds really fast sometimes, but only because there are so many syllables in a lot of Korean words that it makes it sound like it’s going 1000mph. Ever listened to The Outsider rap?

      I think Bobby Kim went through a Spanish phase because I don’t recall hearing so much guitar in one place.
      The album’s really good, though.

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