Monthly Theme Song

South Korean electro pop trio Instant Romantic Floor // song: ‘Twist in My Love’


3 thoughts on “Monthly Theme Song

  1. When I heard Ice Cream I heard SNSD’s Show Me, Show Me. I agree that it was very, very similar to something off of Oh!

    I did like the NU ABO track. I appreciate music because to me it’s emotion. When I heard NU ABO, it felt like ‘energy’. Not all songs need rhyme or reason, it’s why I like listening to bands Jam. Granted Pop is structured, but I think it’s ok for it to just not be every once in awhile.

    • hahahahah you cracked me up! About posting on the wrong article xD

      But I actually left out a minor detail. I commend them for taking such a risk with NU ABO. Korean pop in general is never safe about the kind of music it creates, which is something I admire. As much as I say that I don’t like f(x)’s material and how much it actually sucks, it’s at least a risk taken.

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