MBLAQ teaser to “Y” : WHY drown them in Auto-tune?!


The comebacks and releases just keep rolling in this week, and MBLAQ is finally getting ready to release their forthcoming mini-album.  Here’s the teaser they’ve popped out today.  Are we all in agreement that G.O. has actual pipes?  I was under the impression that his agency was aware of this little fact as well, but from the sound of this teaser, they might’ve gone a bit deaf in the past few months.

You know how stage moms fuck the lives up of those creepy beauty pageant girls by over hauling on the coaching and basically dictating their every move, from blow out-hair, to the mounds of makeup and glittery outfits when it’s not that necessary or humane?  Well, Rain is probably a stage dad to MBLAQ.  He’s over sex-afied their image, so much in fact that it’s probably his main priority with this group.  Image is important.  But you gotta give enough of a fuck about the music as well.  Even toning it down on the processing would’ve made this song sound so much better.  For me personally, the very first song teaser sounded much nicer than this.  Fingers crossed the album’s good!

By the way, speaking of image:  Why do they look like Power Rangers??


2 thoughts on “MBLAQ teaser to “Y” : WHY drown them in Auto-tune?!

  1. Agreed. I’ve listened to the album, and I kinda love it, but hate it at the same time. Even though I hate autotune (have you heard Bonomana sung live? Torture!), I can still at least recognize who is singing which part in “Y” (which by the way makes no sense).

    “Last Luv” is the song from the first teaser – G.O is finally allowed to sing his heart out.

    Overall, I really liked the mini album. Although only 4 songs + 1 intro, each song was very different in style. I hope they will eventually find their preferred sound though.

    As they debuted at the same time, there’s always going to be comparisons between MBLAQ and BEAST. I gotta say, I like MBLAQ and feel they have more potential. To me, MBLAQ is much more refined and smooth. BEAST is good too, but rougher around the edges and more ‘chaotic’ … more beastly XD

    • Oh god, those mics that SuJu use in their live performances make them sound awful!

      I agree too that MBLAQ have more potential. I personally prefer them over BEAST because they’re more believable and sound like they’re really coming into their own.

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