Logo Design: TAKE 1

I know I know, this is the typical website logo-design.  I haven’t really messed around with designing one for my blog, but since I had a little time on my hands this evening, I pulled out my cheesy skills and whipped one up.

Before even designing a blog-logo, I hadn’t really thought of the colors I wanted to use.  I mean, once I pick ’em out, I can’t really go back, right?  So voila! I went with a black and a mustardy yellow combo.  Yumm.

I stayed away from red, cuz come on, everyone goes red.  And I also switched up the tag at the bottom.  I might revert back to the one I’m using right now, I dunno yet. I changed it because I’m not sure if everyone reads the sidebar details (where I mention I’m a guy and all),  so this tag makes it pretty clear what gender group I pertain to and what I’m blogging about.

I didn’t spend too much time on this logo, so I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.  As I type this, I’m noticing the gap between ‘Mcroth’s’ and ‘Residence’ is just a tad on the wide side.  And now that I’m looking at it, the apostrophe is supposed to be a lightning bolt, but it kinda looks like a chili pepper. FML!


I’ll keep trying…


2 thoughts on “Logo Design: TAKE 1

  1. Because .com is in yellow, I think it stands out too much. And I do like the tagline – the population of guy k-pop bloggers is so tiny, its nice to see opinions from a guys perspective occasionally, and not the constant fangirling over the newest set of chocolate abs.

    I’d make the lightening bold larger though (yes, it does look like a chili !). Perhaps if you add a slight gap between the ‘h’ and the ‘s’ in ‘Mcroth’s’ will make the bolt look more like an apostrophe.

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