Lady Gaga’s Alejandro MV – this one’s for God and the gays…

There are so many references, influences and symbolic moments here to last you a damn life time.  You’ll definitely see some ‘Vogue’ moments, a splash of David Bowie, and lots of atrocious bowl cuts.  “Alejandro” even gives sacrilegious a whole new meaning.  Fingers crossed this video doesn’t make it to my grandma.

I personally think this music video is trying way too hard to one-up its predecessors (Bad Romance is still my favorite…if I had to choose).  And the song just sucks already, so I’m not enthusiastic about “Alejandro” or the gay erotica-skeevy-whatsits.

As Celebuzz put it: “Someone is definitely getting raped here. I just can’t figure out if it’s GaGa, the dancer, or my brain.”


What is your opinion?

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