[Review] X-cross – boyband made of models. lovely.

X-Crosswho says models can’t sing

This duo is formed of Sung Hyo Ram and Jay Gun (awesome name), two models  who belong to GF Entertainment.  I wasn’t familiar with this agency prior to X-Cross, but after listening to this EP for the first time, I’m definitely making a mental note of it.

There are 2 songs on this 1st digital single by X-Cross.  Their good looks alone will gather the herds of Kpop fangirls, but for me they have made a very powerful and undoubtedly good impression.

Reading that they are models-turned-singers, I instantly thought “auto-tune, we meet again”, and I was dead on.  The first song “Storm” is drenched in processing, but let me just say, there is a proper and shameful way of going about it.  This song is a nice example of how auto tune can sound pretty okay to someone who keeps a T-pain Repellent in their back pocket.  You hardly notice it because the melodies are so good.  They’re distracting and you’re more focused on fist pumping than worrying about anything else. And they rap -wha?!

“My Luv” is the title track and it’s…well…awesome.  This song as a debut is mind-bogglingly perfect.  They are out to prove that A.) they have what it takes to go head-to-head with today’s Kpop boybands and B.) it doesn’t take 6 guys to deliver quality music.  Some don’t even deliver at all.  This is two guys, y’all.

PS. As I’ve said before, creativity has died in the world of Korean pop.  So don’t expect to see much in this MV.  I highly recommend listening to X-Cross with earphones on, on your iPod or whatever mp3 player you prefer.  It’s a MUCH better experience and you’ll understand what I’m talking about:

I’ll bust out a review on Code V and Infinite pretty soon!


5 thoughts on “[Review] X-cross – boyband made of models. lovely.

  1. My Luv is good, but I’ve decided I like Storm best – it’s pure fun, I can enjoy it without thinking “i don’t listen to this kind of music”. I can put it in a mix with all that dance music I pretend I don’t have :S I wouldn’t have given the EP an A+ though, if only because I think the songs, while good, are forgettable. either that or i’m being biased because i prefer Infinite’s EP :P

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