[updated w/ Full MV and review] Audio of T.O.P’s upcoming solo song “Turn It Up” has hit the internet


Okay, so right after writing this post, the full flippin’ video appeared on YouTube.  Here it is.  Watch, rewatch and spazz, fangirls.  I’m so glad YG is finally getting their summer ball rolling.  About damn time, too.  Taeyang’s “SOLAR” is the next phase in YG’s crusade to take over the Kpop scene.  We’ll see how they do…

Feel free to comment on TOP‘s song, the MV, even on all the product placement.  ‘‘Turn It Up‘ is already available on iTunes, or you could follow BBUpdates instructions on how to legally download Korean music via Soribada.com

Stoked, much? We’ve all seen the MV via fancams already, but I want me some HD video.  It’s actually available here (link), but requires IE. I think I can wait a little longer for a more convenient YouTube link.

What does everyone think of this song, by the way?

[ Review ]

Personally, I’m not taking this song too seriously.  It’s a fun song, but musically, it could have been much better.  Big Bang’s TOP isn’t a strong vocalist, so I can’t get that into his vocal prowess.

I find it amusing that TOP’s voice, which is relatively low in pitch compared to the rest of Big Bang, sounds non-autotuned for a good chunk of this song when it actually is.  A lot, if I’m paying really close attention.  I suppose deeper voices process differently.

In all honesty, where I’m lacking is in the actual ‘rap’ itself, specifically its execution.  TOP could have totally kicked the words per minute up a notch.  It feels too much like he’s talking the song, especially near the end when what I assume is the middle 8 kicks in and starts ‘talking’ in an even lower, more awkward tone.  I also prefer my rap raw and with minimum processing.  Unfortunately, this is rap a la – Lil Wayne.

YG’s also losing the depth in their music.  I don’t know who to point fingers at, but someone in the YG headquarters is obsessing too much on the direction Western music is headed in. I have no problem in listening to something that sounds like what I hear on my home turf just in a different language, but I don’t want the Kpop I adore to fall into the abyss of a mess that American music is in.

I actually really enjoyed the heavy ‘house’ and electric feel Big Bang had in their previous Japanese album.  That, I can totally live with because it was dope (insert ‘Bringing You Love’).  I would have loved it if they continued down that path with TOP’s solo material, because the processing would have sounded pretty neat mixed with electronica elements, in my opinion.

‘Turn It Up’ does have it’s high points.  The prevailing drums are nice.  They could have experimented with them more, but I’ll survive.  Those tiny nuances TOP adds to the song, such as when he blabs really quick out of no where before the choruses, are fun to listen to.  The chorus itself isn’t half-bad either.

As I’ve mentioned before, this is a fun song and it’s growing on me.


2 thoughts on “[updated w/ Full MV and review] Audio of T.O.P’s upcoming solo song “Turn It Up” has hit the internet

  1. The song isn’t amazing production-wise. I can’t critique the rapping since i don’t know korean, but TOP doesn’t need to have a tight flow. He just needs to stand there with his fine self and girls will buy anything he puts out. Good for him, but that doesn’t give me anything to look forward to. I think i’ll pass over this one and wait for Taeyang’s album to come out

    • I’m enjoying it right now. I do have to point out a fear of mine, though, which is Kpop gradually starting to go through that nasty ‘minimalistic’-phase (i.e. what Black Eyed Peas did with The E.N.D. (hot mess and a half, btw)). This song, though I’ll listen to because it’s got some elements I like, doesn’t possess the fullness of, say, Haru Haru.

      I would have liked to hear rap with a quicker pace in this song.

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