Audio previews of Taeyang’s Solar album [recent song: After You Fall Asleep]

[I’ll update this post on a regular basis until YG is done teasing the hell out of Taeyang’s new album]


Nice vibes all around.  I can’t wait to hear the fuller tracks!

Just to throw an idea out there, if Taeyang wanted to break into the US market, his voice would make a very interesting pair with Beyonce’s.  After listening to this short preview, Beyonce popped into my head for some reason. I’m not her biggest fan, but the two could definitely pull something off. Just something to think about.


It sounds like what you’d play while Taeyang is preparing to enter a boxing match.  just picture it: Taeyang walking out with a fog machine at full blast, flashy lasers bouncing off his bod and things.  I see it, I see it.  At least with the first half of this teaser.  The other half is Christian-churchy-uplifting, which is not a bad thing at all.  Sounds real nice.

I have a feeling he’s going to keep jamming down our throats how much he really wants – no – needs a girlfriend throughout this entire album.  I mean, Dude.  Do you even recognize who you are?

-You’re My-

I don’t like the title to this song.  It feels like someone is cutting me off when I say it in my head.

Also, Taeyang’s been in the music industry for quite a while now. So why is his vibrato so awfully awkward?  I don’t like it and it makes me uncomfortable.  I’m not digging the English, either.  Imma have to pass on this preview for now.

-Just A Feeling-

Teddy must have read my mind or something because this song is making me feel all sorts of nice things. It has a dash of an electro-pop style which I haven’t heard, nor expected to hear in Taeyang’s solo album.

I’m, like, seriously getting excited about this album. I want to listen to these songs on my earphones already!

-Break Down-

Teddy, Teddy, Teddy…are you slacking on me, man?

You know, I’m not wowed by the production of this song, nor in some of the others.  The reiterative chorus (and in any other chorus) isn’t amusing me, either.  aaaand the melody sounds kind of cheesy, too, but we’ll see, we’ll see.

-After You Fall Asleep (Ft. Swing) –

It’s interesting to hear the distinction between Teddy’s production style and that of Choice37, who worked on this song, and may I just say this song is very promising.  I hate how this preview just cuts out when things start getting good.

I keep tossing back and forth; I want this album.  No I don’t.  Yes, I do!  No, no.  Oh wait.


7 thoughts on “Audio previews of Taeyang’s Solar album [recent song: After You Fall Asleep]

  1. I totally agree with you on “You’re My”. The concept is cute and the instrumental fits the solar theme pretty well, but the singing makes it awkward. Especially next to the first two previews, which are totally ballin’. I have to say though, Taeyang’s vibrato is a lot better than mine xD

    Sweet blog by the way. I’ve been reading it for a few weeks, just haven’t commented yet.

    • Hey, Lizzie!
      ha, I can’t even sing half as good as he can, so I might cut him some slack on the vibrato :D

      After a few listens, I’m really into the simple instrumental. I really want to hear all of these songs in full already!

      Thanks for commenting and keep on reading! I’ll visit your blog when I find the time ;)

  2. dude, i’m glad to know i’m not the only one not bowled over so far by these previews. i can only hope that “I Need A Girl” packs the punch it needs to sell this album, cos so far, I ain’t buyin’ it. Except maybe Just A Feeling.

    p.s. you know Taeyang’s a good Christian boy. he’ll probably stay single until his future wife walks through the door. not that that’s a bad thing – i’m just sayin’.

    • I want this album to be explosive! But so far it’s all just a little on the average side. GD’s solo album was much more interesting than what I’m getting from these previews *sigh*

      But now I’m worried about what they’ve done with 2NE1 o_o

      Should I start lowering my expectations?

      • Re: Banging chicks left and right – Either they’re too busy, or they keep it WELL hidden (hard to believe though with those crazy netizens hunting down every bit of their private lives).

        I think we’ll have a better idea of this album when it comes out – 2 days and counting!!! And I don’t think Teddy does all of 2NE1’s stuff, so it might be better. They’re in LA (or were there) so we’ll see – maybe they found some awesome producer who’ll give them the best beat ever and make them our favorite girl band again (well, mine, at least)

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