[review] Super Junior’s repackaged album with 4 new tracks


At least Super Junior‘s repackaged album remained cohesive with the addition of 4 new songs in the sense that dull was what they were aiming for this year.  Even the remixed ‘Shake It Up‘ failed to, ironically, shake anything up in this lukewarm album.

I wont be dissing the new tracks that badly, though, because I actually kind of like them for what they are.

I OTL-ed when I first heard ‘No Other‘. No one was surprised when SM Entertainment busted out a slower song as a follow up to Bonamana (because they do that all the time), but it just wasn’t working for me.  After a few listens, though, I found a couple of things I liked.  For instance, and this sounds dumb and biased and it totally is, but Kyuhyun‘s lines remind of how much I like that guy.  He has such a nice tone in his voice and I love how they give him these really sweet melodic sections.  The middle 8 wasn’t that bad, but I think they could’ve found a nicer way to transition to it without the use of rap.  There are many, many Kpop songs that would sound perfectly fine without rap, but have it anyway.  It bothers me from time to time.

I’ll be looking out for live stages of this song to see what the boys come up with.  Who knows, they might even make this song sound awesome once I see them perform it.

I had to go back and listen to the original ‘Shake It Up‘ before saying anything about the remix, and you know what?  Remix-my ass!  There’s not much going on here than was happening before, other than a light sprinkle of club-ery, and not even proper club effects, either.  It’s like arriving at a club around 10:00PM.  Yeah, early much?  The way they chopped up the chorus with static-y effects near then end doesn’t sound right, at least to me it doesn’t.  I dunno, I like the song, but they could have done so much more with it to properly label it a remixed version of the original.

All My Heart‘ is actually above and beyond the other stodgy ballads on the original versions of Super Junior’s 4th album.  Again, it has unnecessary rap, but the vocal competence in this song makes me happy.  The boys sound fantastic singing those lovely melodies.

A Short Journey‘ is the last addition to the repackaged bonanza, and I think I like it.  While listening to this song, I noticed there was a voice I hadn’t heard in the original ‘Bonamana’ album.  Later, I found out it was long-lost member Kangin, who is packing his bags to join the military next month.  He participated in this repackage as a last group activity before leaving for 2 years after he had a little run in with the law last winter.  Nothing like joining the army to knock  you back to your senses, right?

What would make this song and the rest of their music sound fuller is if Super Junior would open their vocals more and really experiment with their range.  They’re under the same agency that produced DBSK and that group took a dive into some pretty eccentric styles, so I would like to hear SuJu explore their abilities while they’re still making music.


What is your opinion?

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