[Review] Miss A – Bad, good, hit or miss?

JYP Entertainment has recently debuted this quartet of females known as Miss A. They started off as a much larger group (as in 5), but dwindled, as one of them joined the Wonder Girls and two others walked out.  Now, it’s 4 chicks; 3 normal-looking and one with pink hair. Lovely.

I have to get something out of the way before I get into their music:

I’m not comfortable with a group, who is relatively unknown, to have already signed contracts left and right for endorsements.  I’m not into that at all.  It’s probably a much more common thing, but the notion of people having others do their work for them while they put in little to no effort in their success doesn’t sit well with me.  I like being 100% involved in my achievements (and failures) and being ‘trained’ under a high-brow agency while I just let ’em pull the strings is beyond me.


The funny thing is, I’m listening to Miss A right now and I have to laugh a little after writing that statement because right at the beginning, these ladies are singing “You don’t know me, so shut up boy” bahahaha!  Okay, okay! I DON’T know you, but still.

Anyway, Miss A is promoting ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl’ as their debut single.  It’s not the worst song on the planet.  They can sing, but anyone can sing.  Bad singing is still singing, and I’m not saying they’re bad.  Just a little uninspiring.

However, they managed keep my attention for at least a second with their stage dynamics.

Miss A have been/are being pushed as a dancing group more so than a vocal ensemble and, visually, they’re a very strong rookie group. Hence all the artsy dancing in their MV and this performance:

I suppose my problem with these ladies is their (or JYPE’s) lack of originality in their music and aesthetics.  There’s nothing note-worthy in ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl’ that will revolutionize the Korean pop industry.  Pop music derives from the inspiration of every other genre on earth and innovates itself accordingly.  Miss A are not ground breaking and so far removed from innovative.

This is JYP’s new project (read passageway) for an influx of money.  But who isn’t doing that already? If I’m going to spend my money, though, at least Miss A should provide something worth paying for.


4 thoughts on “[Review] Miss A – Bad, good, hit or miss?

  1. erm… so they can do a few splits, and now they’re a “dancing group”? *sigh. too bad it’s obvious that they’re eye-candy, nothing more. I mean, 2PM was originally a dancing group, but they’re on a completely different level, especially since they’ve had some great choreography recently (Without You, Heartbeat). I’m not sure if this is female objectification, double-standards between male and female pop groups, or both. If they want to be “dancers” they should take lessons from BoA.I wonder if they realize that they’re simply JYP’s latest money making machine… or if they’re willing to go through the crap just so they can become artists in their own right in the future.

    P.S. this song has been in my head all day. there’s something i like about it, even though the melody is stock [K]pop and very uninteresting. maybe it’s one of those cases where the song had the potential to be great, but decides to be mediocre instead. like the songwriter put all his effort into making that instrumental sound awesome and just couldn’t be bothered to give it an interesting tune.

    • I really enjoyed their dance break at the beginning of the live stage video. They should totally bring back the Korean hip-hop of the 90s and just come out swinging with a new song, because this one isn’t working for me.

      The instrumental is awesome, I agree with you there.

  2. Now excuse me while I appear like an unsophisticated fangirl-type over obsessor:
    JYP hasn’t always been one to be totally consistent with the quality of his works…. seems like he needs to be in the right mood to pull out a chart-topper. (heck, he must’ve been high on soju while writing “Tell Me” or “Nobody”)…. and now it seems like he’s trying to squeeze himself into new genres and styles, which makes way for more forced, imitative, and assembly-line/formulaic produced sounds. JYP’s got one heck of a music career, and I sure hope this is just a stage he’s going through… b/c this, and then Nine Muses…. kkkkk.
    As for the song/Miss A itself, the intro of Bad Girl, Good Girl makes you excited… in my case, REALLY excited… like it’s crouching down and is about ready to spring up with full force and wow the crap out of you (the “Jay Wa Pee” always gives some certain assurance to a song, too (: ) but then it just loosens up and fails to meet expectations… not totally, but to the point where you start fantasizing as to where the track could have gone. I couldn’t sense a sense of confidence with the performers either, which I can pass over quickly seeing they’re newcomers. The track itself seemed like it lacked confidence, like it didn’t take a theme and run with it, look for exciting places to go, etc.
    Long review for a 2 minute song. Main Point: JYP almost put too much formulaic thought into this song instead of letting the music and development seep out of his pores more naturally.
    JYP must’ve composed this song on a Monday.

    • hahaha at least I know there’s someone out there who isn’t kissing this group’s ass. To this day, I’m still not a fan of them. They may work it out on stage (kind of), but ultimately, it’s the music that counts and this song just isn’t working for me.

      Nice points you made there, thanks for commenting! :D

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