[Recommendation] 시간을 거슬러 by One More Chance

One More Chance is a pretty reclusive band, at least to me they were since it was by freak accident that I discovered them.  Thank heavens I did, because I adore ‘시간을 거슬러’ off their 2010 mini album from a couple months ago.


This song is absolutely beautiful and it’s the kick off of my ventures into K-indie music again. I’ll try to post periodic recommendations for those interested in these kinds of jams.  Hope this song resonates to you as it’s done to me.  I love it.

Here’s One More Chance singing ‘Luxury Bus‘ off the same mini album.  Enjoy and comment~!


One thought on “[Recommendation] 시간을 거슬러 by One More Chance

  1. awww, this song is adorable! will be looking forward to your indie kpop posts (and exchanging notes!)

    p.s. OMG SO EXCITED FOR NARSHA’S VIDEO. The teaser’s been on repeat all day.

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