Code V cover Boyz II Men, Ne-yo and Sisqo

I reviewed Code V‘s Poisoning EP back in June and commented by saying they have a genuine talent for singing (which they do).  Based off the recording of both ‘Addiction‘ and ‘Poisoning‘, I was pretty much satisfied with this group, but not long ago I found a video that took my thought of them beyond the bounds of approval.


Something I’m always missing from Kpop bands, which is just perplexing in and of itself, is harmonies.  You’d think we’d hear more since 1.) uh, they’re singers, and 2.) there’s a crap load of them.  DBSK managed to harmonize all the while dancing, too, so…

Anyway, Code V were recently on Mnet‘s ‘The Pub‘ and they sang a melody of ‘Thank You‘ by Boyz II Men, ‘So Sick‘ by Ne-yo and ‘Incomplete‘ by Sisqo.  Does it get any better than those songs?

All I have to say is that Code V’s voices coexist so beautifully, that it’s hard to detail how pleasing it is to hear them sing.

Would love to hear your thoughts on Code V.  Spazzing’s welcome, too.


4 thoughts on “Code V cover Boyz II Men, Ne-yo and Sisqo


    (end spazz)

    The “Incomplete” cover nailed it for me. I am LOVING these guys. Also, the rapper can sing!!! When was the last time you saw that??? Seriously??? I’m going to start spazzing again so I’ll hit “submit comment” before i stop making sense. Code-V = one of my favorite k-pop bands as of right now.

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