I’m impressed with Teen Top’s stage debut, oh and I’m not getting any younger

I know I’m around the same age as a lot of Kpop artists.  I share the same year as Onew of SHINee, but man these boys got me feeling old.  They’re from 1992-95, so it’s a little weird critiquing a bunch of kids on their performance.  It’s kind of like I’m some judge for a talent show.

But whatever, because these boys are owning it.

You could probably mute these guys and they’d still put on an impressive performance. Visually, Teen Top know what they’re doing. The precision and energy in their choreography is really good. I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by Teen Top, but I honestly was. Probably because Girl’s Day, Miss A, ZE:A and Son Dambi failed to bring me anything worth appraisal that Teen Top managed to really hold on to my entire attention this week.  The deliver was 100% there both nights of their debut stage.


Vocally, though, is where I’m most intrigued. Teen Top, particularly Niel (lead vocals, obviously) are in complete control of their breathing.  Even Miss A, who are recently showcasing a jam-packed dance routine in their live stages, are breathless by the middle of their performances.  This kid, though, even with a solo dance break still manages to sound relatively good by the end of ‘Clap‘ (or crap, haha).

Teen Top show a lot of potential to become one of the top boy bands in Kpop.  I’ll definitely keep an eye on them.



7 thoughts on “I’m impressed with Teen Top’s stage debut, oh and I’m not getting any younger

    • Yeah, the song’s a little whack and kind of a 2PM knock off, but their stage presence is much more engaging than most groups.

      Breath of fresh air, if you ask me. :D

  1. i like – i like a lot! in fact, had they debuted at the same time as Infinite, I’d have a hard time picking my favorite between the two. they own their stage, and have this awesome unified movement that makes me think they must have a great group dynamic, which is something i rarely see in k-pop performances. can’t wait for more from them. the song’s not my cup of tea, but the life performance is awesome to watch

    • Yeah, if they keep these dynamics up, they’ll definitely go far. Imagine their command of the stage with a much better song. They’d kill it!

  2. I agree with you when you said about Niel’s complete control of his breathing.. he’s only 15 but his breathing technique is quite impressive.. i find his vocals unique and “versatile” hav u heard some of his pre-debut songs (covers)? he can make his voice sound so heavenly yet ther’s a lot of power stored in his lungs..

    • He sounds good right now, so in the future, if all goes well and they get killer songs, they’ll be sounding off the walls fantastic! :D

      Thanks for commenting :)

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