SHINee’s 2010 concept photos [Key]

It’s the last one in the bunch and I can’t believe they actually shaved Key‘s hair.  What can I say?  Fierce? Just a little.  I’m just waiting for a song preview or an MV teaser now.  These photos are such a buzz kill right now, haha.


3 thoughts on “SHINee’s 2010 concept photos [Key]

  1. So right about the photos being a buzz kill.

    And I can’t help but be reminded of that one DBZ character that has that similar hairstyle(it was this purple guy with white hair).

  2. Okay, so this concept officially makes no sense. It’s such a buzzkill. Where’s the music, SME??? In the end, that’s what we care about. They could be dressed in diapers for all I care – the song just has to be good

    • SHINee hasn’t missed the mark yet, so fingers crossed SM doesn’t screw this one up.

      Juliette’s attire was atrocious, too, so I’ll forgive their styling choices in these photos. :P

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