SHINee’s 2nd full album medley reveals itself

Someone, hoooold the phone for me right now because I think my heart might’ve just skipped a beat.

Okay, I calmed down some.

From these short previews, it sounds like SHINee’s forthcoming album is going to be dynamic. We’ll see.  I hear some throw backs to their earlier work – before the ‘Ring Ding Dong’ phase.  I hope so, cuz their first full album was hot.

Did I just hear Jonghyun say “porque?” ?? If so, dude.


2 thoughts on “SHINee’s 2nd full album medley reveals itself

  1. I so agree with you. I didnt care about the concept photo teasers bec I liked SHINee first bec of their music and vocal ability. But they’re all good looking without a doubt (hehe). I almost cried when I heard the medley teaser because it sounds as good as the first album, which I still play from start to finish even now. I loved every frigging song in that album. Plus there was so much Onew in that teaser — Yehey!!!(obvious bias).

    The MV teaser was kick-ass too! I will patiently wait for my CDs next week!

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