[Review] I’ll Hurt More by HwanHee

Some random Hwanhee pic. Tried looking for something recent. Voila!

Of the two members in the late Fly To The Sky, Hwanhee was my preferable choice over Brian.  Not that Brian is bad or anything, but Hwanhee better fits the kind of vocalist I’m most fond of.  Coming from a Spanish view on ballads and vocal techniques, there are certain distinctions that draw me in.

Last year, Hwanhee released the ever beautiful “Because I Missed Your Heart” (as it’s translated by numerous sources) off his album H Soul (2009).  It was pretty good, but his latest track, 내가 더 아플게, is so much more my kind of song. It possesses that traditional Korean ballad treatment that I hear in old school ballads.

It’s emotional, broad and very pretty.  The structure of the song follows the typical mold of a popularized ballad with all the chimes, strings and steady beat, and to a degree, it sounds vaguely familiar because of it. Which is precisely why it’s entirely likable.

Where Hwanhee had to bring it was in the singing and he absolutely did. He always does, but still.  I enjoy listening to a resonating voice, and more when it’s completely dry from the downpour of digitally infused processing.


Not a trace of digital elements here.  No ma’am. I usually turn down redundant ballads (at least structurally) like this one, but Hwanhee’s voice is so deliciously beautiful, that I just can’t say no. Not this time.  Plus, the traditional Korean style of this song is just lovely this time around.

MV teaser (more like a drama teaser!!)


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