[Recommendation] Park Sae Byul

There’s nothing like a female Korean singer. Here’s one I think is really good. Her name is Park Sae Byul and she’s a singer, songwriter and MC.  She released an EP in 2008 (Diary) and this year, she unveiled her first full length album ‘새벽별’.

Park’s singing is very relaxed and quite inviting. She hardly over does it in her songs – which is nice – but you can definitely hear Park Sae Byul has a pretty tone and a beautiful color to her voice.  She sounds gorgeous in one of my faves from her titled ‘물망초/Forget Me not’.


There’s a song for every kind of mood, I think, and this one would work wonders when I’m stressed out.  It’s soothing and oh, so pretty.

She’s a serious talent. Here she is sharing one of the songs off her album with Super Junior‘s sub unit SuJu-K.R.Y.  If you ask me, I think Kyuhyun (my homeboy!) should have taken this with Park Sae Byul as a duet. The blend of her airy voice and the depth and resonance in his is absolutely beautiful. *dies*

I hope you enjoyed this one! I have another recommendation in mind, so hopefully I come around to posting it soon.

By the way, check out the Vodpod widget to find one more performance of Super Junior’s Bonamana with Park Sae Byul.  I think it’s one of my favorite renditions of the song.



3 thoughts on “[Recommendation] Park Sae Byul

  1. LOVE! That collabo killed me – soo good!!! and yeah, a duet with her and kyuhyun would have been epic. sounds like my kind of music, so will definitely check it out

    the bonamana remix was awesome too! i loved sungmin’s headbobbing all the way through, lol

    • Oh god I wish I had Kyuhyun’s singing voice. I don’t know what it is about it, but it captivates me every time.

      And ahaha yeah! Sungmin getting into Bonamana = priceless. :D

  2. I’ve been trying to find her album everywhere, but my personal favourite from the single has to be “can you hear me”. it just has that eerily wonderful ethereal sound.

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