[Review] I’ll Be There by Taeyang

YG Entertainment recently announced that residential R&B superstar and Big Bang vocalist Taeyang would be releasing a new song titled ‘I’ll Be There‘ in English and Korean, both featured on his repackaged and translated ‘Solar‘ international album.  After watching a short MV behind-the-scenes video earlier this week, I started getting my fanboying face on for this one.

I just now got my hands on the new songs and well, well, well…what have we here, Tae-Tae?

First off, the English is kind of hard to pick up. While I was listening to this, I was either focused on understanding what he was actually saying or trying to make sense of the musicality of it and still piecing together his gibberish. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little, but c’mon – the man used auto-tune on top of his not-so-clear English. It gets confusing, guys.  (Click here for Taeyang’s Engrish-foot notes)

A couple of months ago we saw Taeyang release ‘Solar‘, which wasn’t bad, just not as awesome as most of us expected. It had it’s moments, so I wasn’t so sure what to anticipate with his brand new song. But having listened to it already, I have to say that it kind of made some of the songs on Solar sound like child’s play.  It’s a classic Taeyang song, with smooth transitions and abusive auto-tune galore.


I’ll Be There‘ has a steady instrumental and it’s working for me.  It doesn’t overshadow Taeyang, yet it does it’s job by adding a nice effect to the whole feel of the song.  his singing isn’t outstanding, it never has been, but what he does do is work to the best of his ability with what he’s got and that’s something worth appreciating him for.  I would have liked the processing to be non-existent during the verses because it’s the meaty sections of the song and he could have played even more with his vocals in those areas.  Other than that, there’s not much to cover about his voice.

English Version:

I can’t help but think this sounds like Usher from 2010. It would, actually, since he’s Taeyang’s one and only, but I think he’s walking right on the borderline of being inspired by Usher in his music and sounding identical to him.  As an Usher fan, you’d think Taeyang would have realized that his idol kind of got lost in the woods this year with songs like ‘OMG’ and that one with Justin Beiber.  I know we all agree that Usher from his Confessions days was the man, right?

Oh well, Taeyang kind of did Western music better than Western stars with this song, anyway, so yeah.  STILL NOT GROUNDBREAKING OR EPIC, but not bad at all, Taeyang, not bad.

Korean music video:



4 thoughts on “[Review] I’ll Be There by Taeyang

  1. I think its perfectly fine not to be stuck into one genre and only make rNb music. OMG is a club song that catapulted Usher to even another level, doesnt mean he abandoned “confessions-era” usher, just switched it up. Hello, the follow up single “There Goes My Baby” was very much r and b. I’m just saying I LOVE “I’ll Be There” and the fact that Usher and Taeyang both arent growing roots, but keeping everyone’s feet moving with great music!

    • I’m all for the expansion of one’s horizons and I actually like Usher’s latest song with Pitbull, but OMG was just bad. There are some great club songs out there, but that’s just not one of them.

      Taeyang’s a pop star and this song is very acceptable because he’s done this sound before. It ties to an extent to Big Bang’s music, unlike Usher’s 2010 endeavors, which just scream his desperation to stay relevant.

      But that’s just me, though, and thanks for commenting! :D

      I do like this song, btw, will be bumping it all week.

  2. I think the English would be easier to understand if it wasn’t autotuned, or if they didn’t switch between autotune and regular vocals so often. At least then, I’d get the hang of hearing the words by the first chorus.

    Great track from Tae-Tae as usual. Looking forward to the English album, so long as the leave the “Talk Like T-Pain” app out of the package.

    P.S. the blog looks good! it’s more yellow than orange, but still nice

    • I have been listening to this song since it came out and I still don’t get what he’s saying sometimes! >:O

      And thanks! I stayed away from making it too orange because then it would look totally Halloween-themed! haha

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