[Review] Fly to Seoul (Boom Boom Boom) by 2PM for Seoul Campaign

At the beginnings of my Kpop days, I tried to keep my distance from this group. It’s an unusual sequence of events since those times, because now I kind of really enjoy listening to 2PM. Kpop has turned my musical preferences inside out; From giving the hand to R&B and hip-hop genres, to not only tolerating them now, but easily being able to enjoy these styles with zero hesitation.

I recently heard 2PM’s ‘Fly To Seoul (Boom Boom Boom)‘, a campaign song in an effort to woo the foreign travel into visiting the wonderful city of Seoul, Korea.  I have plans of one day taking this into action because after so long of drooling over the country, culture and now absolutely addicted to its pop music, it just has to happen.


Anyway, I think this song does the theme incredible justice. It’s up beat, inviting and really well produced.  That’s the thing with JYP – when they get it right, they get it right.

It’s an enjoyable song full of catchy melodies and really nice beats, and the vocals aren’t that bad either. The processing is manageable for the listener, kind of like Goldy Locks coming to the decision to sleep in the baby’s bed after finding Mom’s and Dad’s uncomfortable.

I love hearing the guys in this laid-back style, not all that sexually frustrated over-done testosterone-explosions they do.  It’s a nice dance track that’s not too serious, but enough to get you moving.

The only problem I have isn’t with the song, but with the promotional picture. You’d think they’d ask the guys to smile and look welcoming since that’s the whole point of this campaign.

NichKhun didn’t appear for this video because of his conflicting schedule. That, and he’s the ambassador of Thailand. He can’t go promoting two countries at the same time.


What is your opinion?

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