Other Music I Enjoy [31.08.2010] Round 2

Just 2 second ago I posted one of these, but vaguely mentioned that I would be following it up with a post on another act I love.

It’s been a couple or so years since anything new spawned from the Mexican electro-pop group Belanova.  This month, though, I found out they were finally ready to comeback into the music scene with a brand new album.


They released the first single ‘Nada De Más‘ at the beginning of August and to say that I was dying to hear it is an understatement. I think I replayed the hell out of it and after calming down some, it makes it’s first debut on my blog for all you to enjoy.

It’s a classic Belanova rola sans the abundance of synths you heard in their previous 2 albums (highly recommended if you love pop of all corners of the world). It has a simple beat, but (of course) it’s Denisse‘s vocals that make the song really come to life.

Denisse has an interesting pitch and range in her voice. She IS Belanova in a sense. Her voice is recognizable and hard to miss when you hear one of their songs. And you would think after listening to the few songs below that she would sound absolutely disgusting live.  But guess what – she doesn’t. She sounds exactly like this up front and personal (I would know because I’ve been to one of their concerts.)

Here is Belanova’s brand new song, ‘Nada De Mas

And to give you a taste of their previous work, here’s ‘Baila Mi Corazón‘ (*dies and is reborn just to die again*)

and ‘Por Ti

and ‘Tus Ojos‘ (their first major single)

and lastly, the overplayed-but-undeniably-epic song ‘Rosa Pastel



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