[A Mouthful of Reviews] FT Island, Code V, Transfixion and Nassun (ft. G.O.)

So this is a first. I’ve been keeping up with Kpop releases this week, but just not had the time to sit down and focus on saying anything about them. Since this post will feature 4 songs from 4 different artists, I’ll only be making a few comments on each. Nothing too rant-y or incoherent like I do sometimes. I prefer each review have its own post because that keeps them nice and organized, but I just wanted to get these out of the way since I’ve been putting them off for a while anyway. ANDDDD I’m kind of on the lazy side.  Sorry?

I’m kind of iffy about FT Island‘s ‘Love Love Love‘ only because it sounds like they’re still stuck in their Japanese mindset. It’s missing the melodrama I hear in their older material. Plus, they seem to have ditched the amazing string sections they featured in their ‘Colorful Sensibility‘ days. That’s one asset of their musicality that I adore hearing and I’m left kind of wanting more in this song, as well as in their EP. They’re still one of my favorite groups, though.  Oh, and get this – they’re releasing ANOTHER Japanese single soon. Whaa? No wonder this EP was a little lukewarm for me…

Code V is one of the best and highly appreciated boy bands Korea has introduced me to. This group is ridiculously talented in the vocal department. I mean, I can replay their covers of Boys II Men, Ne-yo and Sisqo all day long. I enjoy listening to them because they have a sophistication in their singing that I don’t hear in groups like SHINee or Big Bang (who aren’t really known for their singing, anyway).  Not to mention their control and range, omg.  So you can already guess the song below just drove me insane when I first heard it.  It’s a beautiful song (off the kdrama Giant OST), sung beautifully by a talented group of guys.  The only sad part of all of this is that one of the members (Taemin) is no longer with the group. *sobs*

Here’s a brand new song from Transfixion! It’s the title track to their latest EP ‘Never Say Goodbye‘.  Their musical style sounds very classic rock and a lot of their songs could be considered ‘anthems’. You know, the kind of songs best listened to live, sweating and sandwiched among a hundred other people. I love the subtle cello line in the background at the beginning of ‘Never Say Goodbye’, as well as the middle eight. It’s mid tempo, but quite easily one of those songs you would put on repeat. And just to let you know, the rest of the EP is fantastic as well. I suggest checking it out (give ‘Go‘ a listen. You’ll thank me later.)

Rapper Nassun recently collaborated with G.O. of MBLAQ, a group I think is, for the most part, talented, but plagued with awful processing and management. However, dreadful processing has stepped to the left for this one because G.O. sounds fabulous in this song. ‘O-IWI-O‘ is really catchy, really well put together and I’m loving all of the off beats. The rap doesn’t overpower the smooth singing, and vice versa.  Like everything MBLAQ, this is overly sensual and full of swag.  But it’s not an inconvenience because the song itself is a good one.  I like the howling nuance in the background for some reason.

And just because it’s out, here’s the 30 second teaser to 2NE1‘s upcoming single of 3 singles ‘Can’t Nobody‘ – I’m going to hold off on saying anything until I hear the full thing and the rest of the songs. I can’t wait to hear more!



5 thoughts on “[A Mouthful of Reviews] FT Island, Code V, Transfixion and Nassun (ft. G.O.)

  1. Thanks for the review of Code V. I just heard about them (and where was I that it took so long?) and really enjoyed their vocals. BTW, iTunes doesn’t feature them, but they do have a Code V app in 2 flavors: free and $1.99!

    As for the FT Island release, I always enjoy hearing Lee Hong-ki really cut loose on a lyric, so I won’t quibble too much with the quality here. I would agree that 돈키호테의 노래 has a more Japanese sensibility. I’ll be in the ROK and Japan later this month so maybe their new tunes will drop while I’m there! At any rate, it’s the perfect opportunity for me to be shopping for some of the gems you’ve recommended. 고마워!

    • Wow! You’ve got an awesome blog going! I’m so envious that you’ve visited Korea and experience all things Korean-pop up close! xD

      I’ll travel there some day. It has to happen. Thanks for dropping by and yes, Code V are absolutely wonderful. It’s a shame a lot of people have looked them over.

  2. Just had a listen to O-I WI-O (wtf does that mean?) and really like it. I agree MBLAQ is a victim to what you described as “awful processing and management”, but this track is great. G.O. is awesome :D

  3. i gave Code V a pass back when they debuted as Bless, but i got into them this year with their song “Addiction”. i’m glad you featured their songs here, they’re great!

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