[A Mouthful of Reviews] Tony Ahn, San E, and Miss S

This morsel comes at you with some Tony Ahn, San E and Miss S. The following three songs are my preferred songs from their recent releases.

And again, I’ll only say a few things about each just to touch on what I like from them.

Miss S – Love Shot

Okay, I don’t know how I stumbled upon this song – probably YouTube – but I just couldn’t keep from smiling/laughing for some reason. I like the overall atmosphere of Miss S’s (<~ so many S’s!) ‘Love Shot (Ft. Skul)’. It reminds me of the kind of songs South Korea played through out the FIFA World Cup season this summer; it has that anthem treatment to it and with that pulsing beat, I mean, it just screams World Cup.  But it also features some nice rapping sections by Miss S.  Overall, it’s very Korean.  And fun. I like it.

Tony Ahn – 지금 만나러 갑니다

This song will come off quite forgettable if you don’t know who this man is.  He’s Tony Ahn from the group H.O.T. (same group Kangta was in, who also released new material this week and can be found over on my lengthier review here).  He was also discharged from the military recently, so it’s just a huge wave of old school-kpoppers and militants this season. This song features some really nice melodies, but it’s incredibly mellow. It’s not explosive to be a hit, but catchy enough to be used on a Kdrama. Kdramas always feature really sweet songs, not particularly mind blowing, but enjoyable nonetheless.  This would fall under that category.

Sane E – 맛좋은산 (Ft. Min of Miss A)

This has become my jam in the last 24 hours. It’s a hot song, if you ask me.  This man is JYP’s brand new boy-toy (and by new, I mean old because he’s actually been around) and you know what – I think JYP might have something here. San E has great flow and a nice tone in his voice. He doesn’t come off too cocky for a rapper, and the treatment on the whole thing isn’t bad at all. It reminds me of the rap music I used to listen to before I  started getting into Korean pop music. Min’s voice is an added treat.  Now, if only JYP knew how to make the best of Miss A like he knows with his male artists…

And I’m going to go ahead and insert the intro track to his debut solo album because it is…amazing.


2 thoughts on “[A Mouthful of Reviews] Tony Ahn, San E, and Miss S

  1. Hi! Glad I found your site!
    The tony song wasn’t meant to be a ‘hit’, it was more like a gift from tony to his fans. The song talked about how his fans had supported him in those 2 years at the army..
    anyway, even if that, you still acknowledge this song and the singer, what a nice surprise.
    Again, will repost your review in the H.O.T fan site with proper credit, thank you!

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