[Review] Kangta’s new mini-album

SM Entertainment (as much as I detest the company) probably has the cleanest grasp of what I consider perfect electro-pop.  They proved it with Super Junior‘s ‘Sorry, Sorry‘ and caused my insides to deteriorate with Super Junior-M‘s ‘Super Girl‘. Now, they’ve given H.O.T.‘s Kangta the same treatment and delivered this familiar, but really well produced mini-album.

Where SM Entertainment falls short, however, is tying together their uptempo songs with their ballads. Separately, they’re incredible pieces of work. Take Kangta’s latest ‘Breaka Shaka/Love, Frequency‘ (the uptempo song) and ‘Remember‘ (one of several ballads) – The only blood line between the two is Kangta is the one singing them. Other than that, I wouldn’t have imagined the exciting ‘Breaka Shaka’ coexisting with such a soothing track as ‘Remember’.

However, questionable cohesiveness aside, this mini album is pretty much addicting beyond words. The production value SM Entertainment artists receive is incredible. SM may have failed this year with SNSD, f(x), SuJu and BoA, but they haven’t buried their own grave just yet.

‘Breaka Shaka’ pretty much mirrors last year’s ‘Super Girl’. It sounds like it’s an honest to god copy with a million melodic twists (not to even mention the structure is the same one used in just about every song, i.e. SHINee’s ‘Lucifer’), but I just can’t put it down for some reason. It features all those synths and little nuances I love hearing in SM music. It’s a clean dance/club single that is begging to be remixed in hell knows how many ways. I never mentioned it, but that’s one thing that I don’t like about where YG went with 2NE1 this year – their songs sound like they’re already really heavy DJ-remixes.  ‘Breaka Shaka’ is full of energy, but it isn’t overly explosive to the point when you actually want to hear it calm down. It’s a clean slate for some awesome DJ to work off of.

On to the rest of the mini-album, which features less club-y songs and much more ‘real’ and laid back tracks. Going back to the cohesive fail-train SM usually jumps on – this mini album stays pretty leveled (and sometimes boring) except for ‘Breaka Shaka’. But you have to give the other songs a chance because really, the production and thought of them is something else.

‘Remember’ is absolutely beautiful. I’m usually iffy about hearing a violin solo inserted into any song (because I’m more biased toward other instruments in the string section), but I almost passed out when I heard it sneak in before the second verse. It was a nice detail, as is the entire string section. SM loves fairy tale string sections and voila! The other tracks fall under the same category of ‘pretty‘.  ‘Our Rainbow’ is a mid-tempo song featuring an amazing instrumental. I mean, if I wanted to work for someone, it would probably be SM Entertainment (sue me!) because I would love to meet first-hand the people who put these songs together.


Source: Ningin blogs


4 thoughts on “[Review] Kangta’s new mini-album

  1. great review! I also agree that kangta/production team didn’t over do the electropop .
    I will put this review in an H.O.T/Kangta fan site with proper credit~ thanks!

  2. YOU live in hell, for hate SM, what has he done? – Oh! let me think. Would separating in TVXQ DBSK and JYJ? Oh! Perhaps for supporting Girls’ Generation. SM gave us Super Junior, SHINee, TVXQ, TRAX, BoA, Girls’ Generation, f (x) & Kangra so it is the best company. But, I see you love YG goes well, no one forces you to love SM, 2NE1 luck with your ..

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