[MV Teaser] BoA’s ‘Copy & Paste’, and delete?

Hopefully that’s a no on the delete, because I’ve given this gem a shot or two and finally started liking some of her older material.  Still not my favorite artist on earth, but definitely not hated.

I see SM has yet to lay off the fancy camera work. They must have payed a few 100 stacks to be over using the hell out of them in their music videos.


3 thoughts on “[MV Teaser] BoA’s ‘Copy & Paste’, and delete?

    • It WAS pretty much shit. Even the lyrics were on the stinkiest region on the shit scale – Hurricane Venus not only sounded like Hurricane ‘Penis’ but with the added ‘…In. My. Areaaa’ – I was like, what is this hooker talking about?

      Even now, it really sounds like she’s saying ‘coffee’ (Korean style), not ‘copy’.

      We’ll see, we’ll see…

  1. I’m a huge sucker for all things BoA so I’m looking forward to this. Even if the lyrics go “Copy and Paste, control c plus control v, come on baby have a taste”, I know I’m still going to like it.

    BoA <3 teehee

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