[Viral Vids] Tohoshinki’s ‘Why Did I Fall In Love With You?’ | I ask myself the same question

One of my first finds, and probably the best one. Not sure how I developed this grand appreciation for this group, but it’s definitely there. And with singing like theirs, there’s just no other like Tohoshinki. They’re freakishly good looking, too. I don’t even get it.  God was probably thinking, “I’m going to bless the five of you with gorgeous voices.  Oh, what the heck! – why not make you unbelievably handsome while I’m at it.”

One of my favorite songs, by the way.


4 thoughts on “[Viral Vids] Tohoshinki’s ‘Why Did I Fall In Love With You?’ | I ask myself the same question

  1. Beautiful. One of the best for Jaejoong, I believe.

    The first Tohoshinki/DBSK song I ever heard was “Purple Line”… which I have since nicknamed “That Nasal Song.” Definitely not one of their more stunning singles, haha. I was seriously unimpressed at first, but then I read on Wikipedia that they’re known for singing a cappella. So I investigated on YouTube, found this video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdjaYb0fSRE – and now DBSK is my favorite :D

    • Yeah, haha, “Purple Line” isn’t my favorite either. The first Tohoshinki song that caught my attention was “Bolero”…it was one of those moments where instead of going on and on about how awesome a song is, I just shut up.

      It was just the appropriate thing to do at the time xD

      And I watched that video – A.maz.ing.

  2. Stumbled across your blog, saw an entry on DBSK/THSK and can’t help but to drop a comment. They never fail to amaze me with their harmony together, I’m glad you’re a fan of them as well. And I agree with your Bolero comment, it’s one of their best songs in my honest opinion.

    A lot of people can vouch for Junsu’s voice as being the best of the lot, but it’s Jaejoong for me. I still love Junsu’s voice, but Jaejoong’s range and flexibility makes me speechless. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to them live once in 2007, and Jaejoong’s voice is just so clear, he made me a fan. He’s always been almost flawless technically, but he has grown so much more since debut. Nowadays he sings with so much more emotion, that he actually brings more depth to the songs themselves. (I can wax lyrical about Jaejoong for hours and he’s not even my ultimate bias, which is Yoochun)

    • Wow, you’ve listened to them live! I’m already jealous :P

      I love all of their voices. Together, they’re unlike any other group I’ve ever heard.

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