[MV Teaser] ‘숨/SOOM’ (Breath) by BEAST

I managed to piss off an entire congregation of B2UTYs back at the beginning of this year when I wrote a less than enthusiastic review of BEAST‘s ‘Shock‘ single.  It was a dark sight to behold and I was totally not expecting it.

I mean, you know how you read about anti-fans attacking idols for poor choices/detrimental mistakes/being opinionated? Well, remove the idol, insert little-ole-me and that’s exactly how it was. One comment was along the lines of “I’m going to find whoever wrote this and murder them” OR SOME shit like that. People don’t really mean those things (right?), but I definitely got a weird feeling when I first read it.  And actually, now that I look back at the review, I don’t take any of it back. I would, however, liked to have worded some things a little differently.  But I’m way beyond that now.  If you’re interested, though, here’s the link to it, just keep in mind that I wrote it a longggggggggggg time ago.

ANYWAY! BEAST is back with an MV teaser and will kick things into full gear pretty soon with their official fall comeback.

So why am I posting about BEAST? Well, because I’m giving the guys another shot. I’ve had a lot of time to spend listening to them thoroughly and open minded-ly, and I think, with the right team and material, could very well deliver awesome Korean pop music. They almost had me with ‘Shock‘, but I’m waiting to be blow the hell away by them.

And by the sound of this teaser, there might be something interesting hiding up their sleeve this season. We’ll see…


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