[MV Teaser] ‘Hello’ by SHINee

When SHINee first released ‘Lucifer‘, I swear a fangirl invaded my thinking because I was off the walls-crazy for it.  It’s without a doubt one of the song of 2010.  But I had a hunch SME was going to shatter the perfect vision I had of these boys with their repackaged album. They had perfect material on their 4th full album and I had my fingers crossed they’d promote something else from it.  That ‘Quasimodo‘ song would have been a more than acceptable follow-up ballad, or even ‘WOWOWOW,’ you know to kick it like the old days.

But true to my instincts, SME did the predictable and catapulted SHINee to the land of cute, where unicorns roam and the meadows are green.  You can hear their vocals in ‘Hello’ and Taemin sounds particularly incredible in it, but the song is too repetitive, shouted and trying just a little too hard to be both cute and manly in the same breath.

There’s glitter sparkling at the end of this video, for crying out loud.

What bothers me even more is how extremely joyful they appear in this MV (teaser) when the song itself was obviously composed by nothing more than lazy songwriters.  Repeating ‘hello’ more than a hundred times isn’t flying in my book.

This is one of my favorite boy bands, guys, and that’s precisely why I’m rejecting this repackaged album right here, right now.   To hell with this song AND the other two.  Lazy, lazy work from SME. smh.


6 thoughts on “[MV Teaser] ‘Hello’ by SHINee

  1. i was super hoping they’d promote quasimodo. ah well. i don’t dislike any of the three (i actually really like “one”), but from a critical perspective, yeah sm you lazy ass.
    i hope this doesn’t make you think less of shinee :/
    on the plus side the timbre in key’s voice has returned from the dead *celebrates*. i’m very thrilled.
    love your blog =)

    • Oh no, no. For me, they’re the best (active) Kpop boy group out right now. I just wish SME would stop with the cute. It’s counter-intuitive to comeback supposedly ‘manlier’ and more mature than before, then come out with this song.

      They do it with SuJu all the time, but more than half of those guys can’t sing as well as SHINee. I get that it’s a fan-service and it’s part of the Asian culture, but as musicians, I don’t need to see them dabble in all kinds of styles when they know who they are.

      And yes, I noticed Key, too! He’s my second favorite in the group. ;D

  2. But they’re all so adorable in the teaser, though!!! lol I won’t lie – if it is a “No Other” 2.0 I will probably watch it ten times, and then come back to it on rainy days to cheer me up :) the dancing’s better than No Other, anyway, I can already tell.

    Here’s what I think about “Hello”: as non-Korean speaking listeners, we need to be in love with the melodies and vocals in order to be pulled in, because the lyrics won’t work on us. I did a quick Google translate on the lyrics though, and it seems like it’s a “i hope you like me” type of song. I can see it being one of those songs that makes you think back to that feeling you get when you’re about to meet your crush or you just start to like someone, and just smile remembering that giddy, nervous feeling. In which, case, the instrumental would go pretty well with the content, because it’s dreamy and unobtrusive, and lets you focus on the words and singing. You can’t write that kind of feeling into music (if I met someone who could do that I’d probably marry them) unless you have god-like musical abilities. I think for what it is (or what I think it is) it works. Even the vocals – I doubt SHINee would have sacrificed showing off their skills for a feeling (though maybe later on I’ll wish they did – right now I like it). I’m going to be watching to see how well the song does in terms of video views on YT and chart shows to see if my theory holds up. I’m surprised they released it as a lead single for a repackaged album, though. But then BoA did “Copy & Paste” for hers, so I doubt SM really cares. We’ll be buying the CDs for the pictures, anyway.

    I’m not a ballad person, so Hana went right over my head. And my reaction to “Get IT” was “WTF?” The beat’s sick, but it sounds like a song that would have been on your average young black male artist’s/group album, i.e. unremarkable. And So Not SHINee. Maybe SM couldn’t decide between a “SHINee World 2.0” and a “Year Of Us 2.0″ so decided to do it this way so they could have both.

    sorry for the long comment – lots to talk about on k-pop this week, it seems

  3. I smiled like a fool during the first listen of ‘Hello’. It’s just so sweet and cute. However, after a few more listens, something start irking me…..its like they just let their vocals fly off the handle. The MV is adorable. :D
    ‘One’ is forgettable, but I love how they sound here. AND TAEMIN omg Taemin, that boy has come so far since his ‘Replay’ days.
    I hands down hate ‘Get It’, and it has nothing to do with the lyrics or the boys. There is this ….static, white noise, I don’t know what its called, but it pisses me off. I don’t know if the production team kept that in there for stylistic purposes or if they just got lazy. Either way its on permanent skip.
    I still have this album on pre-order though. Since I knew SM was going to put out a repack, I didn’t buy ‘Lucifer’.
    On another note I am severely dissappointed with SME’s 2010 releases(aside from Lucifer). So far ’09>>>>>>’10. Gee, Sorry Sorry, It’s You, Genie, Ring Ding Dong, Jojo.
    This year we have Oh!, Run Devil Run, Bonamana, Nu ABO, No Other, Hurricane Venus……..sorrrrry but next.
    On another other note. The mature to cute to mature to cute. Yeah SM loves doing that. DBSK O to Balloons made me O_o WTF??!! Suju literally every other release aside from ‘It’s You’. SNSD’s the same Gee to Genie, Oh to RDR. This probably means that f(x)’s next song is going to be a cutesy song.

  4. taemin and minho improved their voices a lot, especially taemin. that boy CAN sing. i actually enjoy listening to “Hello”. diva key and jonghyun sound great! that said, “JoJo” as the follow up to “Ring Ding Dong” still pawns “Hello”, i think. i swear “JoJo” has got to be one of my favourite songs from them, ever.

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