[Review] ‘Shut Up’ by U-KISS

The boys of U-KISS have returned with their brand new EP, ‘Break Time‘ and while that might have excited some of you, I personally have to say that this group has very little impact on me.  Or, should I say, HAD.  I point my finger at the production and structure of their previous material because something along the development of their music probably got lost or left behind and U-KISS ended up with really…um… silly songs. They’re a messy boyband, but sometimes messy works.

U-KISS’ EP single “Shut Up” reminds me of their previous work, but it sounds completely different at the same time.  Listening back to “Bingeul Bingeul” – that was literally a wall of sound.  No.  More like those deadly chambers where the walls have scary protruding spikes and gradually cave in, eventually crushing whoever’s unfortunate to be locked in there.  Does that make sense?

“Shut Up” sounds more refined to me.  A little less jab and a little more pow.  Especially with the subtle changes in pace.  I think the transitions are well done and placed in all the right places, making it sound less redundant than you’d expect from a dance track.  And we all know that it doesn’t take fantastic vocals to pull off a decent dance song (Kim Z from the Real Housewives of Atlanta gave birth to that ghastly “Tardy for the Party” song, yet you can totally pop some ass to it) and U-KISS are well aware of that.  More than half of the guys sing less than 2 lines.  But what they lack in singing competency, they make up with smoking looks, which is another piece of the Kpop puzzle every idol has to fill.

I do have to point out, though, that Kevin’s little ad libs complete the song to a T.  They’re placed in just the right spots for them to shine and with that alone, it takes this song to a new level of likability.

Overall, I think U-KISS found their niche last year, but have learned to refine it in 2010.  Probably thanks to their new production team, but still.  This song is vocally a 3, but a decent 9-club track.

Totally hilarious, by the way, how these guys are basically bitching about this girl, but are all over her ass at the same time. Who’s the real tease here?!



One thought on “[Review] ‘Shut Up’ by U-KISS

  1. i definitely agree with you on this one. While I kinda miss the Brave Brothers, U-Kiss is making huge strides with this new production team, and this EP is actually a decent listen in comparison to their other stuff.

    Speaking of producers, though – did you hear about Abracadabra’s producer? So sad. :(

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