[Review] ‘Irreversible’ by Ga-In

One of the recent Kpop releases that caught my attention this month was Brown Eyed GirlsGa-In and her solo debut single “Irreversible“.  I can’t remember reading if all of the Brown Eyed Girls will debut solo material, please let me know if they do, but so far we’ve had the spectacular delights of Narsha (“Bbi Ri Bba Bba” and “Mama Mia“) and now Ga-In, who has also brought another spectacle for the masses, but wrapped in a completely different package.

I can’t say I love Ga-In’s solo material or that I’ll have it on repeat, because it isn’t as sticky as Narsha’s singles or as melodic, but don’t let that take away from the substance of it.  I absolutely appreciate hearing the Spanish inspiration in “Irreversible“.  It’s one of the first Korean songs I’ve heard that has included elements from a completely different culture and made it work.

It works for me because Ga-In’s thin voice suits the romantic, Tango style that drives her entire EP. She’s not a mind-blowing singer, but in this case, she doesn’t need to be.  Ga-In does ‘seduction’ really well (actually, 3/4 of BEG do, with the exception of Miryo, who doesn’t exude as much sensuality as the other fine ladies) and it only intensifies the appeal of “Irreversible“.

But thinking about it, the song doesn’t necessarily sound like a smash hit because the detail and execution of it caters more to a visual experience.  And THAT’s my cue to insert the music video.

Obviously, this single is a two part piece of work.  The song is appealing, dramatic and already stands out from a lot of what’s happening in Kpop right now, but hearing it coexist with the incredible film-work of the MV completes the entire experience.  It’s satisfying and probably exceeded all of your expectations, especially coming from a Korean pop idol.  The video itself (much like Narsha’s) makes the audience think, and in this case, piece together a chopped up story-line full of angst and provocative scenes.

Just the through process behind the entire concept of both the song and the video make me overwhelmingly happy. And did I mention we get to see Ga-In look incredible AND pwn bitches with her acting skillz?

Her effort and energy definitely paid off.  The song’s not bad, either, which is a huge plus.  Gorgeous work, girl, and possibly my favorite MV of 2010.



4 thoughts on “[Review] ‘Irreversible’ by Ga-In

  1. I definitely agree with the two piece release (song and video) – you need to watch the subbed version to really appreciate the whole thing. Otherwise the 10 minutes with minimal dialogue can be tiring. Is it weird that I have had this on repeat? I like the different ways they interpret tango in the four tracks, and it breaks up the electropop craziness in my iTunes so I’m drawn to it for some reason. Can definitely see myself coming back to these tracks when the typical idol k-pop gets to be too much.

    Jea and Miryo haven’t confirmed solo releases, but Miryo already has her own studio where she’s been working on making her own music, so I would expect something from her too, maybe just not anytime soon. Jea has done a bunch of OST tracks by herself as well. Would love to see them perform together again, though.

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