Poll Time, Y’all: Which SM boyband had the cuter re-packaged single? ~ SuJu vs SHINee

Another week, another poll! This time, it’s the battle of the predictable follow-up singles that SM loves to promote for a re-packaged album.  If you haven’t caught on already, SM Entertainment never-ever lets their boy-bands stay sexy for more than a month’s worth of promotions without having them channel their inner ‘cutie’ to tug at every noona’s heart-strings. ::cough::And their wallets::cough::

exhibit A: Super Junior

In the Summer of 2010, these guys made their highly anticipated comeback with “Bonamana”.  Following 2009’s “Sorry, Sorry”, Super Junior had the tough task of coming up with a song that had the balls to out-shine its predecessor.  Unfortunately, they came up short with their 4th studio album (I shook my fist at them in this review), but something that DID top “Sorry, Sorry” was the amount of sex-appeal in “Bonamana” – they wore less clothes, gave deeper, seductive gazes and even incorporated some humping action in their choreo.  Here’s the MV to refresh your memory.

But as I mentioned earlier, SM was, by no means, going to let SuperSexyJunior toy with all the noonas’ sex drives and not get all cutesy-Asian on their asses.

And surprise, surprise!  In comes “No Other“, the obligatory cute song.  Which just so happened to be the lead single off their re-packaged ‘Bonamana’ album.

On to exhibit B:  SHINee

Much like their seniors, SHINee also came out with a sexy single and accompanying music video this year.  “Lucifer” was released in the later half of the Summer, literally blowing the minds of young girls (and guys) to smithereens with an unexpected overdose of sex-appeal.  I mean, when was the last time Minho (or any SHINee member, for that matter) went shirtless for an album’s photo-booklet?  Like, never, right.  So that alone popped eyes wide open and caused many a jaws to drop.

They also seemed to have picked up extra hours at the gym, because last time I checked, all those muscles were so not there one year ago.  Speaking of which, “Ring Ding Dong” (the hotter single of 2009) was followed up with “JoJo” (the cuter single of 2009).  I just thought I’d add that in there. Obviously, SM is hooked on having boy-bands cycle in and out of this phase.  Here’s “Lucifer”.

And, of course, it was followed by the brighter single off SHINee’s re-packaged album, “Hello“.  This song allowed SHINee to tap into their inner dork and smile for almost 4 minutes straight. Sadly, what WASN’T cute were those atrocious print suits.  Where was a pit of flames when you needed one.

And now here is my big question:  Which SM boy band had the ‘cuter‘ re-packaged single? Which one induced way more awwwh‘s than the other? Vote on the one you think is so much more adorable below and we’ll see which SM boy band comes out on top next week.


7 thoughts on “Poll Time, Y’all: Which SM boyband had the cuter re-packaged single? ~ SuJu vs SHINee

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    • Thank you so much for the support! :D

      And yes, Key alone could pretty much steal this poll, haha! I’ll definitely continue to make this blog a little more interactive for everyone ^^

  2. I think SuJu had passed their “cute” days way back then so SHINee’s single will always have the “cuter” re-package XD
    Yup I have to agree that SHINee has toned up a lot in this music video…which comes as no surprise considering the current male “body trend” in the Korean entertainment scene, I guess @_@

  3. i think super junior are very cute in their video no other they are smiling until the end and the video about courting.i love also minho of shinee but ryeowook is cuter than him

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