[Recommendations | Season 2] ‘I Need Your Love’ by EZ Hyoung

Yes.  The “Recommendations” special is back.  Things might feel overly mainstream up in here, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been listening to, or that I’ve ditched the K-indie that has kept me and still keeps me listening to Korean music altogether.

We ended last ‘season’ with Naru (click here to catch up) and I’ve decided to kick this round off with one artist that I’ve been listening to recently.  This is a synth-ballad pop singer (that’s what his music was described as somewhere online) and he goes by EZ Hyoung.  He’s done OST work and such and performed at this year’s Green Plugged Festival, which features an array of great indie performers.  This is one of his more recognizable songs, “I Need Your Love“.

And just for an added bonus, here’s a more uptempo song  (“빰빰빰”) that has that sweet indie-pop feel I love.

And bringing it back to the ballads, here’s “내가 없는 하루”.  The word Soothing comes to mind when I listen to this one.

A nice and easy start of what I hope to be another great collection of awesome singers.

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