[3 in 1 Review] 4Men, KARA, and Sim Gyu Seon

Here’s another round of triple reviews, this time with 4Men, KARA and Sim Gyu Seon.  All three delivered this week, in my opinion, and here I am to spread the love.  Wait, KARA?!  Yes.  I was pleasantly surprised with their recent “Jumping” song, and, well, we’ll get into it below.

4Men – “Hello!

These guys are phenomenal singers and what makes them even more likable is their classic approach to delivering tastefully sweet pop music.  4Men know who they are as performers and do a fantastic job of blending their vocals with great instrumentals that never mask their talent.  I’m particularly drawn to the old school style of “Hello!“.  It reminds me of those gorgeous 90’s songs I would hear as a child.  All 4 One, anyone?

I love all the little ad libs tossed around the entire song that really add a lot of personality, but never throw it off balance.  Truly amazing stuff.

KARA – “Jumping

I never thought I would say this, but KARA has released a good song.  For real!  I don’t know if it’s the timing or that they have in fact released something decent, but I’m all over it.

It’s not gimmicky like “Lupin” and I hear subtle similarities to “Mister”, but this works.  I just wish they’d come up with a much more interesting climax.  KARA have done the whole ‘slow-it-down-oh-shit-key-change’ middle 8 in just about every song, so hearing something less cheesy and predictable would work wonders in their favor.

Nice beat, nice verses.  Overall, really nice comeback single.  Get it, KARA.

Sim Gyu Seon – “고양이왈츠/Cat Waltz

I finally set aside my laziness and did some research on this artist, because I wasn’t familiar with Sim Gyu Seon to be honest.  And I couldn’t find much.  She’s lent her voice to a rather pretty song titled “Cactus” from Epitone Project (who’s under Pastel Music), which I hadn’t heard until today and may I just say, it is beautiful (Note To Self: Post something on Epitone Project soon).  She recently released this addicting song that I’ve had on repeat for a while now.  It’s cute, but not the barf-elicious cute you’re used to in Kpop.  It almost feels like a French song.

When it comes to indie music, Korea has really got something special going on.  It’s smart and creative and makes me feel nice things when I listen to it.  If I find any new info on this gem, I’ll let you all know.  In fact, if any of you know anything, let ME know!


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