[Review] ‘Rocketeer’ by Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder

Far East Movement have been setting charts on fire in the US lately, and with good reason.  While they’re lyrically not that compelling, it all comes together once you squeeze in awesome beats and killer melodies.

They recently released the music video to one of my personal picks as top songs off of their debut album “Freewired“, and it is boss, I tell you.

The chorus of “Rocketeer” (ft. Ryan Tedder) really rides that melodic wave of pop that’s happening in American music at the moment.  It sounds like we are finally abandoning the auto-tune era for a much more appealing vocal processing.  Thank goodness, too, because the T-Pain app was SO last year.

The verses come up short for me, but I pay very little attention to them anyway, since FM’s forte is their awesome production skillz.  It’s pop music from every angle, but it’s still very trendy and tastefully done.

I can definitely hear this getting major radio play, even if it’s a slower song compared to its predecessor.  It would fit right in the mix with Bruno Mars and even Katy Perry‘s recent jam “Fireworks“.  Pop music is finally taking off in a direction I am willing to follow.



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