[FULL MV] ‘Ayyy Girl’ by JYJ

I can’t say I understand what all is going on in this music video, to be honest.  I also can’t say this makes “Ayyy Girl” sound any better, because, come on, nothing really will.  Pardon my language, and no offense to JYJ/DBSK, but this song sucks ass.  The guys are phenomenal singers, that’s a given.  However, with a crap-song like this one, they won’t be winning over any American audiences any time soon.

I can hear the Kanye talk-rap that appeals to the general public at the beginning, but once the guys step in, it really starts going down hill.

And who’s going to take them seriously when Junsu is wearing that man-sized bib? And with the cheesy blue flames, slow-mo flailing in the air, and all the thunder. Jesus Christ.

But who knows – I may have this all wrong!  This is JYJ we’re talking about.


Who am I kidding.  With all the pretentious assholes in America, “Ayyy Girl” will most likely flop so hard, that the Hallyu Wave as we know it will cease to exist after this. At least make sure it never breaches on American soil.

That being said, I’m hoping for the best for these guys. As long as they don’t lose themselves in the process, I’m good.


8 thoughts on “[FULL MV] ‘Ayyy Girl’ by JYJ

  1. Ayyyy Junsu… wtf is that butchers apron you wearing -_-

    Terrible song, terrible MV, terrible english. What an half assed western debut. Definitely one for die-hard fans only.

  2. i agree.

    not a fan of of dbsk at all, but i kinda like the song, esp the smooth parts, and i even stream it for a few times. but dang. the MV is just terrible.. the styling, the choreo, and all that effect looked rather cheap. it doesnt help also that the video came out around the same time as 2ne1’s It Hurts who’s production value & cinematography is beyond the kpop standard.

    jaejoong’s face is so gaunt, and eff junsu’s whatever the hell he was wearing.

  3. they need a new creative team, STAT. the stylists we can keep for now, but eventually they’ll have to go too.

    I like some of the tracks off the album. this isn’t my favorite, but i let it play through all the way sometimes. i just feel like they scraped the bottom of the barrel of the talents of the producers they worked with. either that or they worked with people who weren’t as invested in working with Korean artists as they would be working with American artists or on their own material. And that bothers me, so much that I can’t listen to the album without thinking “what a shame”.

    Also, I’ve been wondering why they released a international album instead of a Korean album. I feel like they’re being shunned by the Korean industry, and thus are trying to establish their international fanbase and make some cash before returning to the k-pop scene once the lawsuit is over – hopefully to astound us with some awesomeness. but, beggars can’t be choosers – i’ll take what i can get. (which includes their Japanese mini-album, which was apparently better).

  4. McRoth, you were a bit too nice on this review. I cringed, moaned, rubbed my forehead in confusion violently, and ended up on the floor rolling and crying because of this music video. Maybe not. But my inner self was sure doing it.
    This piece of crap is threadbare, vapid, gimmicky, and contrived. The music video was unwatchably embarrassing and tacky, and Junsu’s… thing… really made it explode into one thousand pathetic pieces. I’m sorry. I turned off the audio watching this thing to make it better, and still couldn’t bring myself to finish it.
    **finger points to Kanye and Jerkins** No inspiration, no passion, no energy… and while they were at it they did everything they could to make these boys look like talentless, shallow, wannabes. And they succeeded at doing so. Heck, I could flop this track on Bieber’s plate and he would eat it right up… except his crew would work a bit harder on making him look a bit less idiotic.

    Now if you excuse me, I’m going to listen to Bolero and Tonight, and hope to get my mood up a bit.

    • Yeah, this one is a hot mess. I like “Empty” way more, even if THAT is also low for JYJ.

      I’ll be a little more tough next time, just for you, haha. xD

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