Poll Time, Y’all: Which SNSD single is your favorite?

This week’s poll is fashionably late.  And that is all I have to say.

Awwright, so the latest poll will focus on arguably one of South Korea’s top girl groups ever, informally recognized as SNSD.  Some of you love ’em, and some of you don’t.  Either way, they’re doing their thing, spending your money and looking glam while doing so.

While I won’t be spending any time talking about the group’s vocal prowess (which would probably be my one way ticket to hell), I do want to touch on the different phases they’ve gone through over the years.

SNSD – or Girls Generation – is a 9 member girl group made up of Hyoyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Sunny, Taeyeon (leader), Tiffany, Yoona and Yuri.

I decided on this week’s poll after I listened to their recent title song, “Hoot“, for the first time and later asked myself: “How’d they get from ‘Into the New World’ to THIS?

Obviously, trends change, and therefore, as a pop group, they must change as well.  No, really.  It’s even written in the “How-To: Makings of a Pop Star” handbook.

And have they ever.

SNSD are now known for being the ginormous (but not that ginormous.  AKB48, hello) group of cute girls in Kpop.  A big emphasis on cute.  That, or as the girls who’s circuits occasionally fail and end up going for that sexy-ish concept now and then.

We all have those days, I guess.

But there was a time when SNSD wasn’t completely  focused on their physical appeal (i.e. aegyo), and more on the sole appeal of their music.  At least, that’s how I see it.

For me, there’s a clear point in the following list of songs that SM decided – “Hey.  Let’s turn the dial on the cute meter way beyond what we should.  Let’s just see how that goes.”  And their sound has never been the same.

Here’s a list of several SNSD singles.  Keep tally of your faves, as it will eventually be up to you to decide on one.

“Into the New World”

“Girls Generation”

“Kissing You”

“Baby Baby”

Whoa. Let’s stop right there.  I just had to butt in and say that up until this point, SNSD had several things going for them (not that they don’t have anything going for them now, because they do).  Not only did their vocals sound exceptionally well (Omg. Sunny, is that you singing all great-like in “Girls Generation”?!), but they were pretty damn cute without over exaggerating their gestures. Almost effortless.  Am I right? Okay, carry awn (spoken in Tim Gunn’s voice).




“Run Devil Run”


Music has clearly evolved since SNSD’s debut (2007), and it’s definitely reflected in this list of songs.  Yes, you may like each and every one of these songs because “they show different sides of the girls“, but one of these must certainly stand out from the rest.

I have mine!  And now it’s time for you to hit the poll!  Results will go up next week, and another poll will appear this weekend. Uh-huh.


7 thoughts on “Poll Time, Y’all: Which SNSD single is your favorite?

  1. you didn’t include Kissing You! Wasn’t that a single? It has a video. Anyway, thanks for the SNSD history lesson! This is going to be a tough one for me, because I the ones I like I like for different reasons, so I can’t really pick a favorite. I’ll wax lyrical about it when the results come out, so for now, I’ll go with my first choice and see how it turns out.

  2. Into the New World, but mostly because Hyo actually had a chance to showcase her ability. After that, they decided the singers and pushed everyone in the back.

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