[FULL MV] ‘Need U Baby’ by T-Blue

I discovered this group way back when they released their first EP.  I’ll admit, it wasn’t that strong of a mini album, but it did have one decent song.  What did stand out, though, was what I think is a group of refreshing vocals.  They obviously know what a trio of male voices should sound like.

Now, they’re back with a more contemporary single titled “Need U Baby”, and in my opinion it’s one of the better releases this week in Korean pop music.  It has a really nice R&B style to it that doesn’t necessarily sound dated like the genre tends to do in Kpop.  It’s young and fresh.

By the way, THIS is what a boy band should sound like.  Nicely played, T-Blue.  I’m back on board.


3 thoughts on “[FULL MV] ‘Need U Baby’ by T-Blue

  1. i don’t know about young and fresh – I’m pretty sure I could find an identical song on any album by a male R&B vocalist or group. As the genre goes, it’s contemporary, yes, but hardly “fresh”. Vocals aside, this one was kinda boring for me. I suppose for this week’s releases, it’s not bad (all the good stuff comes out next week, darn it), and it sounds different from most k-pop releases. But I prefer my R&B a little old school anyway – I’d take 4men, J.ae and Lee Jung over these guys any day.

    • We almost always agree on our music, so it was interesting to see that you feel completely different about these guys.

      I think this song was beautifully executed. And the middle 8 is absolutely gorgeous. It changes key, but not as blatant and cheesy as most ballads.

      But yeah, it just comes down to a matter of preferences.


  2. yeah, we’re not identical musical twins, after all. fraternal, maybe :)

    that being said, i did take another listen to it, and i take back what i said about it being boring. it’s actually really good. but i still disagree about the “fresh” part, because to me, this sounds like an Anthony Hamilton song – one that I’ve heard before. Because it wasn’t offering me anything new musically, I kinda tuned out, and let it buzz in the background, hence my original comment. But now I appreciate it more. After all, Anthony Hamilton is an awesome R&B singer :) So yeah, not original or new for me, but very well done.

    Okay, I’m done. Off to download it, lol

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