[Review] ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ by Girl’s Day

Here’s something: Girl’s Day has released a song that both confused me and amused me when I first heard it.  It’s titled “Nothing Lasts Forever“.  The song starts off like any other annoying Korean pop song – Very jarring and noisy, reminiscent of 4Minute’s  Hyun Ah.  But then something rather intriguing occurs 40 seconds in, where what sounds like a disgraceful track unfolds into this really catchy and engaging tune.  And everything pretty much coincides from that point on.

I thought it was weird how I initially believed this to be a generic electro-pop song, but out of no where and by freak accident, it turns out sounding much more girl-empowered, rock anthem-ish.  Seeing them behind all those instruments around the 1:30 mark only drills that perception deeper into my head.

And after seeing them air-play their way through chorus number two, everything henceforth falls together seamlessly.

Really, this song’s middle 8 is probably one of the best this year.  That’s not even a joke.  Not only does it make the song suspenseful, but the way it ties from the ends of the second chorus to the end of the song without really letting things explode all at once was really impressive.  It builds and builds and builds…and builds and builds up all of this energy that never really gets unleashed, just sets up this giant wave of excitement that left me wanting more.

Listening back to their debut single and then this is like night and day.  All I would do is tweak the verses, but everything else is perfect.  This is definitely my guilty pleasure this week.

But can they pull this off live?  Uh, this video should answer that question.

The energy!!



3 thoughts on “[Review] ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ by Girl’s Day

  1. I really enjoyed this song. It was a wonderful and it’s really nice to listen during a hard days work, however, I just want to get up and dance, so I guess it’s kind of difficult to listen to.


  2. This song is definitely my guilty pleasure as of now. Like, I totally rock out to it. It’s a vast vast improvement from their disastrous debut, definitely. Only beef I have is the fact that it seems like only 2 people were singing it, Minah (of the eye smiles) and the leader (I think). I’m not a fan of them, I don’t want to get to know them, and I still think that Minah’s eye smiles are not cute, but when she went all rocker chick with those pipes, I was like “yeah, bring it!”

    Another song that I’m loving is Rainbow’s Mach. It doesn’t get enough love, darn. And they finally ditched the identical look too. I can finally tell them apart (somewhat. I only know leader Jaekyung before.)

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