[FULL MV] ‘Have You Seen?’ by Raspberry Field

I don’t know about you, but I like these staring contest-esque music videos for some reason. It kind of feels like you’re watching the artist live since it’s one continuous shot.

Well, Raspberry Field has released a new music video following that same concept.  To cut a long story short, “Have you Seen?” is a song narrating the feelings of a heartbroken girl. The lead singer (who’s name I haven’t found yet, tsk tsk) literally breaks down in the actual filming of this music video.  It’s saddening to watch, to be honest. Check it out.

Here she is performing another heart wrenching song titled “Away From You“.  The song opens and stays pretty low-key for most of the time, except for a nice instrumental break near the end. And by the way, the guy playing the up-right bass is the man.

I should file this under “Recommendations | Season 2“, huh…


2 thoughts on “[FULL MV] ‘Have You Seen?’ by Raspberry Field

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