SME will debut S.M. The Ballad | best idea since…well…

No lie, I’m shaking and crying right now.  Why?  Because my favorite singers from SM‘s boybands are colliding to form a ballad group under the stage name S.M. The Ballad.  I know it’s going to be a big batch of SM crap-ballads (or not) but just the thought of hearing Kyuhyun and Jonghyun (and that new guy and the other dude from that one band) sing together gives me the shivers.

But yes, I’m also interested in hearing Jino (current status: unknown SM dude).  It’s a pretty cool thing to debut in a group of legitimately talented SM singers, I think.  Here’s to them and possibly tossing SM back on my radar.


6 thoughts on “SME will debut S.M. The Ballad | best idea since…well…

    • I’m already not feeling the first teaser T^T

      I mean, they’re all great singers, but they’re definitely singing ‘clash of the titans’ style in this one:

      Too many LOUD and unknown ad libs going on for me. They should know by now that Jonghyun needs to be controlled.

      ::sticks a finger in his ear::

  1. This might be weird, but when I hear the song in my head, its Yoo Young Jin singing it. This just feels and sounds like it should have been on Yoo Young Jin’s album.

  2. i don’t find the teaser all that bad. I always turn off SM ballads one minute in, but this one sounds kinda nice and new, instrumentally at least. They’re definitely trying to rupture my eardrums, but at least I can listen to it at low volume.

    Now all they need to do is get CSJH the Grace back on the radar, and I’ll be an SM fan again

    • I don’t think it’s bad. It’s just not appealing to me. It’s a group of guys singing “yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” for no real reason other than to show off they can hit noisy notes.

      I also need the rap to make its exit. Like, now.

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