[FULL MV] ‘Love Love Love’ by After School

It’s Christmas time, y’all, and you know what that means!  Really cheerful songs for you and your loved ones to amass!

After School has already taken the first step and released “Love Love Love” (Not to be mistaken with Epik High‘s Love Love Love or FT Island‘s Love Love Love or the hundreds of other Love-titled songs in Korea), a song with those exact same Christmas beats, jingling bells and nostalgic choir backdrops you hear around the globe.  I say they chose to keep it safe because, hey, no one likes too ‘out there‘ of a holiday tune during this time of year.

As always, Uee hogs the camera with her face.  Didn’t her golfing drama get the axe recently? Explains the ‘I’ve got a stick up my ass‘ expressions.


What is your opinion?

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